RAID: Shadow Legends cheats and tips - Important tips for combat

RAID: Shadow Legends cheats and tips - Important tips for combat

Become a turn based pro with our RAID RPG tips

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RAID: Shadow Legends has some in-depth turn based combat than can keep you battling for hours, as long as you have the energy to fuel those gaming sessions.

There are intricacies to think about that you might not expect, such as how buffs will affect you in battle, and when to save your skills for. There is an auto battle option, but when you get to tougher fights, it just won't do.

We've got the guide you need to prime you for those tougher fights in RAID: Shadow Legends. Follow our advice, and you'll be ploughing through fights like a pro.

What can I expect?

RAID Shadow Legends

In RAID: Shadow Legends you'll be undertaking turn based battles against wide varieties of foes, in varying difficulties. It'll be just you at first, but ultimately you'll be able to take a team of five champions into battle and take on brutal mobs and smaller bosses.

Like any other turn based game, you'll want to quickly take down weaker mobs, and focus your fire on more powerful foes to smash through each wave.

You also have skills, which are invaluable. They can vary from being small heals, to massive damage across all of the enemy forces. The wider reaching attacks that hit multiple foes will become invaluable in select situations.

You basic strengths and equipment can be upgraded outside of battle, so you can go in with the strongest possible team from the start, and from then on battling will require solid strategy.

It's a case of knowing when to use your skills and in when you should save them, in addition to being smart about which enemies you decide to target.

RAID: Shadow Legends' combat can be tough, after all there are some seriously intimidating enemies, and a lot to learn if you wish to become a master, but start small and you'll soon learn the intricacies of the combat.

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Strengths and affinities

You'll notice that each of your champions - and enemies in battle - have a small icon in the bottom left of their character portrait. A red skull, a blue sprite, or a yellow lightning bolt.

These are a simple strength triangle. The red skull will beat the blue sprite, the blue sprite will beat the lightning bolt, and the lightning bolt will beat the red skull.

If you are struggling in battle, perhaps change your team composition so strong characters go up front.

Buffs and effects

Check all of your skills in battle, for these could save you. Many skills offer simple buffs, like improving your attack power, or healing your team up a bit.

These will be important especially in tougher battles, where smart usage of your skills will be the difference between victory and defeat.

Make sure to buff up your attack at the start of a match, and heal up before any big attacks come your way. Poison is also particularly deadly and should be dealt with.

RAID Shadow Legends

Big damage

That's the key to battle really, isn't it? Big damage. Power up your heroes regularly through the Tavern, level them up, give them the best gear, level up the gear, level up their skills, just increase everything.

Ultimately, you can overcome almost everything with brute strength. Yes, strategy is needed at times, but enemy strategies can also be overcome with a fist to the face, if you're so inclined.

Don't feel hesitant to just go all out on enemies when the situation looks dire, you might just turn it around - oh, and never back out, that's for cowards.

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