Raid: Shadow Legends has introduced a new PvP mode called Live Arena

Raid: Shadow Legends has introduced a new PvP mode called Live Arena

Today, Plarium has announced that its ever-popular RPG Raid: Shadow Legends has introduced a brand-new mode. It's called Live Arena and sees you tussling against others in real-time PVP battles for the first time since the game's launch in 2019.

It's not intended for the faint of heart, so only those at level 50 and above can compete. It aims to test your tactical prowess alongside the power of your champions. At launch, it will include three tiers – Bronze, Silver, and Gold. There are four subtiers within those, and you will need to climb through the ranks by earning Live Arena Points.

To compete in this new mode, you first use a Live Arena Token to find an opponent. Once found, a drafting phase commences. Here you take turns selecting a team of five champions, taking your opponent's squad into consideration.

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After that, you can ban one of your foe's champions and pick a Team Leader to benefit from their aura skill. The battle then commences, giving you 30 minutes to defeat your opponent. If neither of you manages this, it results in defeat for both parties.

Of course, the new mode will offer rewards. Who would play it if there was nothing up for grabs? You can net Points for increasing your Tier rankings alongside Live Arena Crests, a Live Arena Token Refill and chests containing Live Arena-exclusive Artifacts. There are also one-time milestone rewards, including gear, useful resources, and Champion Fragments for Quintus the Triumphant.

Discussing the new mode, Schraga Mor, CEO of Plarium, said: “Live Arena is the next evolution in our continued efforts to strengthen the ever-growing RAID community.”

“This mode allows the most experienced players, who have earned and strengthened many Champions, to see if they have what it takes to duel the most skilled and powerful veterans the game has to offer. We couldn’t be more excited to see the battles that take place and who will rise to the top of the rankings.”

Raid: Shadow Legends is available now on the App Store and Google Play. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. If it sounds like your kind of game, you can download it on your preferred platform using the buttons below.

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