Raging Bytes, a brand new narrative-focused zombie RPG, opens up pre-registrations for Android users

Raging Bytes, a brand new narrative-focused zombie RPG, opens up pre-registrations for Android users
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Courtesy of developer KEMCO, a brand new story-driven mobile zombie RPG is opening up pre-registrations for interested gamers. Raging Bytes is a 2D pixel-art-styled retro role-playing adventure that calls back to the classics like Final Fantasy or even the old Phantasy Star games. You can see this both in the art style as well as the traditional turn-based combat, making for an interesting take on a very well-known genre.

Zombie games are abundant, both within mobile game markets as well as just about other media. What makes Raging Bytes so interesting is the way it transfers what is usually a strategy game genre or an FPS genre into a traditional JRPG-styled adventure with a heavy focus on the story instead of collecting loot and guns to mow down more hordes of the undead.

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You can see this retro inspiration especially within the combat. When you take part in combat within Raging Bytes, you’ll be presented with a massive horde of foes or the boss enemy taking up most of the screen while the 2D sprites that represent your party are on the other side. You’ll use various items, abilities, and normal attacks to do damage, each party member specialising in different roles. If you’ve played the classic RPGs, you know what you’re in for.

Story-wise, KEMCO is also looking to the past, taking a lot from old-school zombie flicks from legendary directors like Romero specifically. It’s not exactly reinventing the wheel with the plot, but there are a bunch of clear references that make it clear Raging Bytes knows exactly what it’s doing.

If all of this sounds excellent to you, you can get ahead of the curve and confirm that interest by pre-registering for the game at the link below! In the meantime, we’ll have to stay tuned for any word on an official release date.

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