Racing Clash is an upcoming multiplayer racer that is now available for pre-registration

Racing Clash is an upcoming multiplayer racer that is now available for pre-registration
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Racing Clash is an upcoming multiplayer racer that is scheduled to be released globally soon. Currently, pre-registration has begun on Android.

About the game

Racing Clash is a brand new online racer developed and published by TryAgain Game Studios. You take part in multiplayer street races and aim to become the Racing Clash king. You will select your car and location before competing against other live players from across the world.

It is the multiplayer aspect that makes racing quite fun. As you progress, you unlock new cars, new locations and earn promotions in weekly leagues that result in more trophies and bonuses. It also offers tons of customization options, you can tune and customize your cars for maximum speed.

Racing Clash is now available for pre-registration on Android

Racing Clash is now open worldwide for pre-registration on Android. Players can quickly pre-register on Google Play for Android.

It is near its release. However, the developers are still yet to announce an exact release date. There are also no updates regarding the iOS version. It's going to be a free-to-play title with optional in-app purchases.

Players can also look at the game's official trailer that has been recently published to get a good idea of the title and what they can expect in terms of gameplay.

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Final Thoughts

Judging by the game's trailer, Racing Clash seems to be just like any other casual racing game. However, it is the multiplayer aspect that will likely make things quite interesting. The developer has confirmed that players will have an option to take part in four-player online races.

The graphics and gameplay look ok, so my hopes are all on the multiplayer aspect. If it's implemented correctly, it will be a worthy mobile racing title.

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