Puzzle & Dragons is collaborating with Hunter x Hunter as players channel their inner Nen

Puzzle & Dragons is collaborating with Hunter x Hunter as players channel their inner Nen

After a few eventful crossovers over the last few months, Puzzle & Dragons is back with another as heroes like Gon and Killua have made their way into the match-3. Players must use their Nen and take the battle to the next level so that Gon and his allies can clear the super difficult Hunter’s Examination. The collaboration event will run until May 29th and like the others, it will feature themed rewards and free pulls from the Hunter x Hunter Memorial Egg Machine.

Free pulls from this collaboration egg machine will be available for everyone as a login reward. This will give players a chance to recruit an ally to their squads such as Gon or Hisoka, or even some of the series’ most iconic villains like Chrollo and Feitan, who are willing to lend a hand. Of course, there are many more ways to earn pulls.

Again, three dungeons will be part of this crossover, which will be available until the end of the month. The Hunter x Hunter dungeon will showcase all iconic characters in exchange for multiple different rewards while the Hunter x Hunter Phantom Troupe features rewards like Hunter x Hunter Medals with an opportunity to avenge the Kurta Clan. Finally, the Hunter x Hunter Challenge! Dungeon is a massive monster bash with loads of rewards up for grabs. The medals can ultimately be traded for limited-time monsters and characters like Illumi at the Monster Exchange.

The final way of earning rewards is the fastest but comes at a cost. Here’s a list of the special bundles available for purchase:

  • 20 Magic Stones, a pull from the Assassin Family Elite, Killua Egg Machine and a special orbs skin – $19.99 USD
  • 20 Magic Stones and a pull from the 7-star Egg Machine – $19.99 USD
  • One Magic Stone and a pull from the Egg Machine – $0.99 USD

Clear the Hunter’s Examination by downloading Puzzle & Dragons for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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