PUBG Mobile goes Squid Game with the addition of new React: Survival Mode

PUBG Mobile goes Squid Game with the addition of new React: Survival Mode

What happens when you mix Squid Game with a popular playground game? You get PUBG Mobile’s newest mode, React: Survival Mode. It is the battle royale’s take on the classic children’s game Red Light/Green Light.

The game has really simple rules. Players stand behind a starting line and must move towards the finish when the word Green Light is said. Upon hearing Red Light, everyone stops and those who are still moving go back to the start. Of course, Squid Game featured a much darker iteration, and now PUBG Mobile is drawing inspiration from both to create a unique experience.

React: Survival Mode’s goal remains the same, with players being required to cross the finish line. However, a massive evil pink rabbit with glowing eyes will be watching. Creepy, right? To win, players must survive its watchful eye. Players must move when the music is playing and the Evil Rabbit has its back turned towards them. A single step taken when the music has stopped and the Evil Rabbit is looking will lead to elimination.

It is going to be quite a tricky challenge because players will also have to reach the finish line in an allotted time, without getting caught. Time may be limited but that does not mean players should be impatient. The key to winning is learning the rabbit’s movement patterns and planning steps accordingly. Slow and steady wins the race. Those who learn the rabbit’s moves will be the quickest to earn their freedom.

Accompanying this new game mode are more winter goodies. Launching on December 24th is the new Avalanche X-Suit, with feisty ice effects that will make everyone want the skin. The costume also comes with some easter eggs like the Frost Blade hidden on the spawn island.

So, don your Squid Game-like tracksuits and avoid the scary Evil Rabbit in React: Survival Mode on PUBG Mobile. Download the game now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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Tanish Botadkar
Tanish Botadkar
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