PUBG Mobile: Three things to do in the Training Facility

PUBG Mobile: Three things to do in the Training Facility

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PUBG Mobile is one of the hottest mobile games in the world. It's especially popular on the competitive scene, where you'll see several esports tournaments being held each year. It's the original Battle Royale game that kicked things off before its rapid growth. 

Also, the mobile version of the game is more popular nowadays than the console and PC versions of it. PUBG Mobile is usually one of the most streamed games out there, especially on a platform like Facebook Gaming. It packs quite a punch too with great gameplay, graphics, and things to do. 

One of the things you can do is head to a unique training area. Here, you can run free and work on your shooting skills. Sometimes, you'll need to go through the fun social area called "Cheer Park" to reach. Go there, chill out for a bit, and then head to training. Here are a few things to do and work on in the practice location. 

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Practice Perspective Shooting

PUBG Mobile is one of the best shooters out there, and one of the reasons for that is the ability to swap your points of view during matches. You can freely go between shooting in the first or third person, depending on the match settings.

This allows you to go with something you're comfortable with. Perhaps you're a longtime FPS player and prefer that style. Or, you could be used to third-person play, then this could be good for you as well. However, definitely feel free to utilize the training facility to work on both sides.

Being able to do both could prove advantageous. Playing in third-person can give you a great vantage point while playing in first-person can give you better aim with your weapons. You can still roll with your preferred choice, but in case you do want to mix it up, you'll be prepared to do so.

Target Practice Mini Game

If you want to shoot at something that's on the move, then that's where good old target practice comes in to play in PUBG Mobile. When you first enter the Training area, you'll be around a bunch of equipment. Everything from guns to apparel and other accessories.

Going further down in the area, you'll notice the target practice zone. Now, there are plenty of targets for you to shoot at when you first enter in free roam. Feel free to play around with these and use different weapons and other items.

Now, in that spot we talked about that's further down, this is the spot where you can actually participate in a training mini-game. It's your classic target practice. Shoot the targets and go for as high a score as possible, and oh, sharpen your skills while you do it.

Put The Pedal to The Metal

Most shooting target locations in gun games are just that; for shooting and nothing else. In PUBG Mobile's facility, however, you can also work on your driving skills. There's a cool little race track that's on the far end of the facility, tucked away in its own corner.

Here, you can look at pretty much any vehicle you see and take it for a spin (just don't get tipped over trying to get up and over the bridge like I did). Driving is pretty easy for the most part in PUBG Mobile, but it's helpful to perfect it, especially with the game's unique terrains.

Getting cozy with driving in the game will make things a little easier when you need to get moving. Battle Royale, as we know, has a safety zone that shrinks regularly, so if you're near a vehicle, and are a good driver, you'll be able to race your way into the safety zone if you're too far away to run to it.

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