PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Navigating the map and avoiding bullets

Don't get shot

PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Navigating the map and avoiding bullets

Don’t get shot. I supposed I could end this guide here and be like; “That’s your lot, those are my tips, get used to it” but I will endeavour to be a little more helpful than that, at least.

PUBG Mobile has enemies everywhere and in order to survive you’re going to need to know when to go loud and scream across the map in a car, and when you should be on your stomach crawling through a corn field.

With these tips we’re going to let you know when to get low and when you gotta go fast and the equipment that will help you on your way…

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Wheels> Shoes

Well this one is obvious, right? If you need to move across the map quickly, getting a car is going to be a much better and faster way to move.

But driving causes its own problems. Engine sounds make you all too obvious to find, not to mention the great big hurtbox that is your vehicle flying around the stage. On top of that, some cars can only have two passengers, which is awful for squads. You’ll need larger trucks and cars for your whole team.

It’s better than running, most of the time at least. A couple of tips for running faster or smarter is that you can tap your weapon to unequip it, letting you run faster. You can also remove your shoes to make less noise indoors.

PUBG Mobile Serpentine

You’re running across a field, and bullets are coming your way? Yeah, this tends to happen. My first tip is this: don’t drop down, keep moving, and start strafing.

Serpentine your way towards cover by moving to the left and right as you run. This will slow you down slightly, but any distant shooters will find it difficult to aim at you while your strafe.

Jog towards solid cover, like a building or a large tree, and try to figure out your opponent’s location before either firing back or continuing to run towards somewhere safer.

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Silent but deadly

Silencers are pretty useful. Not the most essential piece of kit, certainly not, but being able to hide yourself from enemies (and not making yourself jump when you accidentally fire a shot) is very useful indeed.

You can pick up silencers for assault rifles and such, but you’ll undoubtedly find many more of them for your pistols.

Decent in select situations, but once you’ve got an assault rifle, there’s very few reasons to ever go back to your pistol.

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Staying low

Of course going prone makes less of you visible, and therefore, is a good way to avoid bullet fire, right? Well, not really. The fact is, if someone is shooting you from a distance away, going prone will only result in them being able to see you lying on the floor.

From a distance, grass textures are completely mission, leaving only you, obviously lying in the open. If you’re going to hide in foliage, bushes are the only option.

Now, if you do not have anyone already onto you however, and you’re nearing the final circle, going prone is much more useful. In these close-quarters situations, you should go prone early and sneak around the circle while keeping an eye on the horizon.

Remember, hip firing while prone is surprisingly accurate, so don’t feel the need to aim down sights here.

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Smoking them out

In a final circle situation, or any close quarters combat really, you can always rely on your supply of grenades to make for either a good distraction, or an intense battle.

In the final circle, throwing a smoke grenade will just create a big distraction, especially if you’re no where near it. Same for other grenades, you can throw them where you think enemies might be hiding, and then wait for them to reveal themselves. Same goes for battles in buildings.

Even when hiding behind rocks, throwing a smoke grenade to occlude your enemies’ line of sight and then either driving off or preparing an ambush of some sort is a good, if risky, way to progress.

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