PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Everything you need to adjust to mobile PUBG

Winner winner chicken dinner!!

PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Everything you need to adjust to mobile PUBG

Yes, PUBG Mobile has finally released worldwide and we’ve already claimed a couple of chicken dinners of our own. What can we say, we’re mobile game experts.

Now that PUBG is finally available everywhere, we’re giving you the essential advice you need to get playing the original battle royale frenzy on mobile.

Get the oven out and prepare some spices, we’ve on the hunt for a chicken dinner in our PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tips.

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Gyros are your friend

There’s one major drawback to playing PUBG on a mobile, and that’s the difficulty involved in aiming. Trying to aim at an enemy while strafing about is near impossible, and only really viable with gyroscopes.

While difficult to use, this will allow you more flexibility in how you move when in a firefight. It’s worth testing, at least, to see if they help improve your game.

Of course, it also kind of means that if you want to aim directly ahead you need to be incredibly still… Yeah, there are drawbacks to this, too.

PUBG Mobile

Setting your preferences

PUBG Mobile has a small selection of settings in the options menu that you might not otherwise pay attention to, but they could help your game.

If you’re comfortable with poor graphics in favour of potentially better scores, setting the graphics settings to low and your FPS settings to high will allow the game to play more smoothly.

Though it should be said, regardless of what graphics setting you use, playing consistently at a high framerate will be difficult.

Other than that, you have a variety of sensitivity settings and changes to location of on-screen icons, which, again, depending on your preferences, can make the game a bit easier for you. You can also disable or change the auto-loot settings here.

PUBG Mobile

Auto sprint, free look, auto loot

Three simple features that make playing PUBG Mobile a bit easier. The auto sprint icon appears when you’re running at full speed - simply hover over it and let go to continue running without holding your screen.

While running you can use the small eye icon just below the map and drag that around in order to look around and keep an eye on your surroundings without changing the direction you’re running in.

Finally, the auto loot function will simply pick up essential items, like rare scopes, weapons, armour, and more without you having to do anything.

It can however be a bit awkward and not entirely working as intended - it recently endlessly looted sub machine gun attachments of a similar kind, forcing me to throw away five suppressors mid-match.

PUBG Mobile

Taking aim

You can aim with the small crosshair icon at the right of the screen, and once you’re here you can drag around on the screen to aim. If you’ve been aiming with the right thumb in addition to shooting with the right thumb, this can pose a problem.

Luckily, there’s a second fire button to the left of the screen. It’s use isn’t clear at first, but when aiming it’s pretty much essential.

When prone in the grass, taking aim will be difficult, and it’s honestly better here to just hip fire your weapon.

PUBG Mobile

The tools of the trade

So, what’s everyone playing on? Mobile devices, right. No controllers, no mice and keyboards. Now that we have that knowledge, we can roughly determine what kind of behaviour we’ll see from enemies.

For example, are they going to be expert snipers? Nope. Just running side-to-side will bamboozle most players. Going prove in a field is a bad decision - makes you an easy target - but moving quickly is much more difficult to shoot at.

It also makes using cover that much better. It’s hard to aim at a wee dot hiding behind a wall, compared to someone out in the open, especially when you have to deal with aiming on a touch screen. Simply strafing between objects is often a good strategy.

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