PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Essential PUBG tips for brand new players

PUBG Mobile cheats and tips - Essential PUBG tips for brand new players

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular games in the world right now, and yet there are still plenty of people who have never touched a battle royale game. If your first experience with battle royale is with PUBG Mobile, then this is the guide for you.

We’ve running down the key steps you need in order to succeed, from touching down on the ground to making it to the final circle.

These tips will be relevant and valuable regardless of how long you’ve been playing the game, so practice hard and you’ll soon win that chicken dinner.

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Landing zone

First thing you need to do is drop out of the plane and pick the first place to land. On the map you’ll see several location names, in addition to dozens of small clusters of buildings.

Landing in one of the larger areas, like the military base or school, will result in combat almost immediately. An interesting choice once you’ve adjusted to the game, but if you want a smooth start, one of the small clusters of buildings might be a better choice.

Although, having said that, picking a smaller area will make our next point a bit more difficult…

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Hunter gatherer

You start with no equipment, so in order to survive you need to find everything. Guns, ammo, attachments, grenades, literally everything needs to be found, and you’ll often find it inside buildings on the floor, or on smaller structures just strewn around, like placed on a bench or box.

You’ll need a backpack, in addition to body armour and weapons, of course. You’ll need an assault rifle and a scope in order to be proficient at long range, unless you can find a sniper rifle.

Pistols are plentiful, but aren’t great by themselves, but grab whatever you can in the short term and upgrade later.

Luckily the game will auto loot weaponry and ammo, in addition to attaching scopes and other items automatically. You can do things manually from the inventory by clicking the bag icon in the bottom left though.

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Necessary tools

In addition to what we’ve mention so far, you’ll also be picking up health items, such as bandages, energy drinks, painkillers, first aid kits and then there’s offensive items, like grenades, smoke grenades, and molotov cocktails.

They take a few seconds to use, so you shouldn’t be using health items in the heat of battle, but should instead go prone in a safe place. Energy drinks and painkillers can be used to slowly restore that last bit of health that bandages can’t reach, and are good to energise you near the end of the game.

Offensive items can be used to distract enemies or trap those in buildings by using grenades through the windows. Though they’re more situational. Good for throwing at a distance if you don’t want to make your position known with gunfire.

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Ready for battle

Right, now that you’re fully equipped you need to get ready for battle. In gun fights, using the aim down sights function by tapping the crosshair icon can help at a distance, but often the best option is to crouch or go prone and hip fire.

From those positions, the hip fire is pretty accurate, though you should only drop down in safe positions.

If you meet and enemy while standing, you can strafe side to side to avoid bullets and walk your crosshair over the enemy as you strafe and take pop shots.

Recoil can be a problem, in general tapping fire with auto or burst fire weapons is more effective.

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Making a move

Once you’re completely ready, it’s time to make a move. Keeping checking the map and you’ll see a blue danger circle closing in on the white safe circle.

Stay in the safe circle, and keep in mind that players in general will be heading towards the centre - a good way to feel out which direction they’ll come from.

Going on foot is sometimes necessary, but can also spell death if you’re a distance from the safe circle. You’re best off getting in a vehicle of some kind. Cars and trucks can take four, but bikes and buggies will only hold two. Not a concern if you’re going solo, though.

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