PUBG Mobile: A few things to know about Cheer Park for new players

PUBG Mobile: A few things to know about Cheer Park for new players

Taking a little break

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PUBG Mobile is the original Battle Royale experience that started the massive growth of the genre (its PC counterpart that is). Up to 100 players jump out of an aircraft and into a giant open-world where each player battles it out for the win (also known as the Chicken Dinner). 

Playing in squads is a popular way to enjoy the game, and the format is the same; whichever group survives at the end, wins the Chicken Dinner. When players drop into the world, they come in empty-handed so it's up to them to go into buildings and find weapons and gear. 

If you feel kind of tired after countless battles or full from eating so many Chicken Dinners, then there's a nice little extra mode. It's called "Cheer Park" and it's more of a social kind of mode, so it's pretty good when you want to take a break from competition. Here are a few things to know about the mode. 

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There's a Shooting Gallery

In PUBG Mobile, Cheer Park has a little something extra to add to the experience aside from chilling out and hanging out with your friends. You can participate in mini-games and one of them is a shooting gallery, almost like how you see in carnivals.

The difference here is that you're blasting moving targets. You want to try and hit as many as you can to achieve a high score (obviously). This is a nifty little game if you want to both relax and still work on your shooting skills.

It's only one person at a time though, so just keep that in mind. If someone else is playing, you'll have to wait your turn. luckily, it doesn't take too long to get through a game. In the meantime, you can jump on the roof of the buildings by bouncing on the trampolines laying about (and yes, "wee!" is acceptable here).


If you do want to scratch that competitive itch while at Cheer Park in PUBG Mobile, then there is a nice little contests kiosk near the entrance. Here, you can join matches that other players have set up or you can create your own for others to hop on.

These are essentially one on one matches so you'll be pitting yourself against other players to see who truly is PUBG Mobile royalty (well, kinda. It's really just for fun). But this is a fun way to keep those shooting skills sharp in combat while being in a casual environment.

The matches are pretty short, so you can quickly get through them without grinding much. As fun as regular matches are, we know that they can drag a little bit. Doing Contests in the Cheer Park can let you get in some quickies if you just don't have enough time.

There Are Rides

OK, so there isn't a ton of these in PUBG Mobile's Cheer Park, but they're a couple of rides for you to mess around with. You can hop on the Ferris wheel and go for a little spin. However, you'll need to do a little climbing and jump into one of the cars to access it, really.

There are also the trampolines, which we mentioned a bit earlier. This isn't a "ride" per see, but it's a lot of fun just bouncing on them and seeing your character go higher and higher. You can jump on the roof of the building if you'd like to.

Then, there's my personal favourite. There's the ride that launches you into the air so high, that you can see almost the whole map around you. It gives you a similar vibe to when you jump out of the aircraft and begin your battle royale adventure. You'll pull out your parachute to finish your landing.

Slightly off-topic, but one last thing you can do is grab some guns and start just shooting around. It's another good way to work on your aim game. Mess around and just have fun with it.

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