PUBG Mobile brings in the big guns with new Mecha Fusion update

Duke it out with giant robots

PUBG Mobile brings in the big guns with new Mecha Fusion update
  • PUBG Mobile is bringing in a whole load of new content for their new update
  • Mecha Fusion adds, well, mechs, as well as new cosmetics for your home
  • Check it out as the update is in place until July 9th

PUBG Mobile, Krafton's mobile adaptation of the hit battle royale, is set to bring in the big guns with the new themed mode, Mecha Fusion. And in case you were sceptical, yes, it's exactly what it says on the tin. Mecha Fusion adds three unique, pilotable mechs to the map for players to hop into and use to achieve dominance on the battlefield.

The mechs can be found in Assembly Bases across the map as well as on the huge new map feature, the Steel Ark. A sort of futuristic ship, the Steel Ark boasts a huge indoor space for you to traverse and fight it out, as well as a number of mechs grouped together, ensuring everyone gets a shot at piloting one of these huge bipedal monstrosities.

You dig giant robots, we dig giant robots
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As far as updates go, for once it seems as if PUBG Mobile isn't doing something totally out of left-field. Now, okay, giant robots (yes, we know it's technically mecha but if the Megas XLR theme song says giant robots, then that's good enough for us) aren't exactly normal, but this is the same game that has had magical genies and flying carpets. Moving on from stuff like the luxury car collabs and instead adding something new and interesting that drastically changes the gameplay is a good move, and we're excited to see just how these new mecha change things up.

While it does seem this is going to be limited time, until July 9th, if they follow this trend we're excited to see what else PUBG Mobile brings to the fore.

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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