PUBG Mobile unveils calendar of esports tournaments for 2023

PUBG Mobile unveils calendar of esports tournaments for 2023

Last month, PUBG Mobile announced a number of changes to their esports scene which will continue to introduce more tournaments while also paying attention to the regional level so that amateur and semi-pro players can show off their skills as well. Today, the battle royale has also unveiled its calendar for all these events.

Kicking things off is the PUBG Mobile Pro League which goes live later this month in Southeast Asia. Post this, the PMPL will move to the Americas with North American players competing in March and April, while Brazilian and Latin American participants play between March and May.

Simultaneously, the Middle East and African Championship will also take place from March until June. The European Championship will be divided into Europe and Türkiye subdivisions, the dates of which will be announced soon. This will be followed by the PUBG Mobile Regional Clash now featuring more teams than ever.

2023 is going to be a big year for PUBGM esports. The PUBG Mobile World Invitational also returns in July. It is being held in Riyadh, where top teams from the world including two from SEA and one each from South Asia, the Middle East & Africa, Europe, and the Americas will duke it out for the ultimate title. More details on the PMWI to be out soon.

Concluding the year is the most awaited tournament, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship. The PMGC will mark the beginning of the PMGC League which will run from November, featuring 48 teams from around the world. They will all fight each other until one winner is crowned during the Grand Finals in December.

We should know more about the slot allocation for both the PMWI and PMGC soon. Do check out a snapshot of the calendar embedded above.

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