PUBG Mobile's Ancient Secret event is returning with much more to do this time around

PUBG Mobile's Ancient Secret event is returning with much more to do this time around

A couple of years ago, PUBG Mobile released a new game mode called Ancient Secret that took players to the bustling Egyptian civilization. The limited-time mode was an instant hit and players couldn’t get enough of it. Well, after a long wait, players can enjoy Egypt once again as they take on the Pharaoh for a second time because Ancient Secret 2 lands on PUBG Mobile on July 13th. The battle royale’s Twitter handle has been constantly teasing players with sneak peeks about what’s to come.

This time, Ancient Secret 2 will explore the unknown secrets of the battleground, revealing lots of hidden things about PUBG Mobile to players. It is part of the seventh season of the third cycle and players can enjoy a new mode, temple, boss, and a story that promises intrigue.

It seems like all these lands have been rules for generations by a Pharaoh whose goal was to protect the Desert Emerald. Unfortunately, a calamity was approaching which the Pharaoh tries to counter but vanishes in the process, leaving his people alone and in trouble. Then come someone else who took his place and proclaimed herself the new ruler. She doesn’t seem to bring any peace and harmony though, and will do anything to ensure the original and rightful ruler doesn’t return. What happens ahead is something that will be revealed only on July 13th.

Last time, Erangel was divided into three zones that unlocked every 48 hours beginning. Each contained three statues that contained a clue that will paint the bigger picture – the ultimate treasure. This was followed by a Day and Night Mode with a bunch of other rewards. We are yet to learn about the specifics of Ancient Secret’s return, but expect it to be breathtaking like the first iteration.

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