PUBG Mobile’s World Cup Group Draw is set for June 25th

24 teams will be divided into three groups where they'll compete to be the last one standing.

PUBG Mobile’s World Cup Group Draw is set for June 25th
  • The PUBG Mobile World Cup Group Draw is set for June 25th
  • 24 teams will be split into three groups
  • the top 12 teams will qualify for the main tournament

Battle royale PUBG Mobile will launch this year’s PUBG Mobile World Cup Group Draw on June 25th, which is part of the Esports World Cup. During the event, 24 qualifying teams will be split into three distinct groups and compete for a spot in the main tournament. 

During the Group Draw, teams will be split evenly across the three groups: red, green and yellow. The new Group Draw format promises to allow more regions to be represented throughout each tournament phase.

Groups will be filled one at a time rather than at the same time. If a group consists mainly of teams from a specific country the next team from that country will be assigned to another group. The top 12 performing teams across all three groups will move on to the Main Tournament. The other 12 teams will receive a second chance through competing in regional PMSL events in the Survival Stage.

Mechs fighting as man with gun prepares to fire

You can watch the World Cup Group Draw on the official PUBG Mobile Esports YouTube channel on Tuesday at 20:15 UTC+8.  The PUBG Mobile Draw Group tournament features a $3,000,000 USD prize pool so you’re sure to see each team showing off their best moves as they battle it out.

PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale title featuring intense ten-minute battles. You can compete in 100-player battles in Classic mode or test your skills in 4v4 Arena battles, Infection mode, and more. Pick your favourite weapon, equip helpful items, and compete to be the last one standing in this thrilling multiplayer game.

PUBG Mobile is available for download via the App Store and Google Play.  To learn more about the game and the upcoming tournaments, visit the official PUBG Mobile website, follow the game on Facebook, X (Twitter), YouTube, or Instagram, or join the Discord community.

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