PUBG Mobile's v1.8 update features Spider-Man alongside a new map, redesigned Royale Pass, buildings by Zaha Hadid Architects, and more

PUBG Mobile's v1.8 update features Spider-Man alongside a new map, redesigned Royale Pass, buildings by Zaha Hadid Architects, and more

Doctor Strange’s portal has opened up on Erangel and Spider-Man has found his way into PUBG Mobile’s 1.8 update. Until February 14th, players can enjoy the webslinger on Erangel, alongside the introduction of new architecture from Zaha Hadid Architects, a new Royale Pass, novel features, and more.

Collaborating for the first time with Sony Pictures, Tencent will celebrate the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home by adding the Scarlet Spider to the popular battle royale. Players can feel what it's like to be an Avenger by dropping into Erangel or Livik and teaming up with Spider-Man to fight scary monsters. Defeating them successfully may just reward players with web-shooters that will allow them to swing around the map just like Spider-Man.

Take this up a notch by defeating the secret boss at Mylta Power which provides players with the No Way Home web shooter that can shoot webs and slow down enemy movement. Exclusive Spider-Man: No Way Home Crates scattered around the map contain basic supplies and loads of themed goodies.

The 1.8 update transforms Livik completely with the Aftermath map that features a volcano-destroyed Livik. This natural disaster-hit land contains fragmented rocks and demolished houses and terrain. Life has come to a standstill but the battle will be much faster. With lesser area to hide, players will have to engage in more battles to win their chicken dinner. To make things more interesting, all weapons on Aftermath have an AC Core Module and new scope, increasing the overall range and damage caused. Traversing on this broken land has been made easy with ziplines and players can get a second chance by visiting a Recall Tower to revive dead teammates.

PUBG Mobile had also partnered with Zaha Hadid Architects a few months ago. These talented designers will be revealing their first virtual building inside the game. The team has created three medical centres which can be visited by players on Erangel. PUBG wishes to inspire many more budding architects with these magnificent buildings by Zaha Hadid.

Finally, the Royale Pass receives a major overhaul, which is a completely new interface. The pass now features a point limit, allowing players to skip a few missions to get max points. New challenges will be constantly added as the point limit increases. The Royal Pass Game Time has also been removed and replaced by replayable challenges. The new Royal Pass, titled Royal Guard goes live on January 18th and will be available for a month.

Swing like Spider-Man and fight on a destroyed Livik by downloading PUBG Mobile for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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