Everything we know so far about Project Mugen

Everything we know so far about Project Mugen

Since the trailer’s release, Project Mugen has been one of the most discussed titles in the gaming community. Fans have already begun to make direct and indirect comparisons to Insomniac’s Spider-Man and Genshin Impact, among others, with this game combining the finest elements to create a potential masterpiece.

Project Mugen is fundamentally set to be an urban open-world RPG developed by studios under NetEase, who are among the most prominent names to emerge in the industry from China besides Tencent. It will be interesting to watch how the news related to the game develops further and to see if it has the prospect of becoming a competitor in the RPG space.

The following sections will provide you with information on all that is currently known about the upcoming Project Mugen, also referred to by the Codename Infinity.

Announcement of the Project Mugen trailer

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After a couple of teases on social media handles, the official trailer for Project Mugen was finally unveiled on August 24th, 2023, and it immediately captured the attention of players all around the world. The open-world game was quickly considered to be the next big thing if all the aspects that were displayed in the trailer were correctly implemented into it.

Essentially, through the specific promotional video, a stunning anime-inspired art style was displayed, along with the many characters. The viewers were also struck in amazement by the futuristic world, and brief glimpses of combat further got them excited.

Ethan Wang, the Senior Vice President of NetEase Inc, stated the following about Project Mugen:

“Today’s unveiling of ‘Project Mugen’ extends beyond this announcement; it represents NetEase Games’ spirit of global collaboration, creativity, and innovation to push the envelope in interactive storytelling.”

“This project draws on development talent from Hangzhou to Montreal, reflecting our dedication to transcending boundaries and redefining gaming experiences. By merging a modern metropolis setting with elements of mysticism, we’re excited to create a world where every player can find a moment that resonates with them.”

Following the trailer’s release, we may anticipate that Project Mugen will follow in the footsteps of popular gacha games like Genshin Impact and Honkai Impact, if not surpass them.

Key highlights of Project Mugen

Runnin through a cyberpunk street in Project Mugen

Project Mugen has set extremely high standards, and you can anticipate a great deal of innovation from the game. The following are some of the highlights from the trailer, website, and other sources of information:

1) Open world with anomalies

The game takes place in a futuristic world, with the supernatural and humans coexisting side-by-side. You basically assume the position of an Esper known as the “Infinite Trigger” and explore the enormous open-world cities while coming up against abnormalities and otherworldly happenings.

2) Character options

Multiple characters will be incorporated into Project Mugen. The following five have been revealed on the game’s official website by the developers:

  • Taffy
  • Bansy
  • Alan
  • Mechanika
  • Dila

Each will have distinctive abilities and other characteristics that distinguish them from one another. Developers may introduce more further, and additional specifics regarding the characters could be disclosed soon.

3) Team-based combat

Project Mugen’s combat is one of the things that fans are looking forward to. The game will basically feature team-based combat, with four unique characters participating in each engagement. To be successful in the same, you must also utilize the surrounding environment with due diligence.

4) Interesting art style

The overall design is another important facet that stands out in Project Mugen. The futuristic part of the city displayed in the trailer is just like combining Cyberpunk with Genshin Impact. Besides that, the general art style of the game is pretty captivating, and it would be something that would make players explore even more.

5) Multiple traversal options

Exploring the large open world would be a big element of Project Mugen, and without suitable traversal choices, it could be very time-consuming and boring. Fortunately, the developers will offer you a wide range of possibilities, including parkour, wall climbing, swinging, and other activities. In addition, some characters may have unique travel skills.

Release date and available platforms

At the time of writing, there has been no definite release date for Project Mugen that has been announced from the developer’s side. Although there have been rumours on the internet, there can be no certain date stated for the game’s arrival. Presently, you can only complete the pre-registrations that have been opened up and then await the news.

In terms of availability, the developers plan to make the game available for PlayStation, PC, Android, and iOS. As a result, gamers will be able to enjoy the game across multiple platforms whenever it is released.

How to pre-register for Project Mugen

How to pre-register for Project Mugen

You can complete the pre-registration process for Project Mugen by following the steps that have been outlined below:

  • Step 1: Search for the game’s official website on any of the web browsers present on your device. You can directly access the website by going to: https://www.projectmugen.com.
  • Step 2: As part of the next step, click on the “Pre-register” button. A dialog box will soon emerge on the screen.
  • Step 3: You may now enter your email address into the text field and tap on the “Submit” button. You will be pre-registered and will be provided with all the latest updates about the game.

That concludes all of the details regarding Project Mugen, and fans can now wait for the game’s release. You may stay up to date on the latest developments on the upcoming title by following the developers on social media.

Nishant Thakkar
Nishant Thakkar
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