Professional Baseball Team Spirit Manager is an upcoming baseball sim set in Korea

The title is being developed by some of the creative minds involved in MLB Perfect Innings

Professional Baseball Team Spirit Manager is an upcoming baseball sim set in Korea
  • Baseball sim based on the Korean Baseball Organisation
  • Currently in development, with 30% progress achieved
  • Targeting a 2025 launch in Korea, followed by an international expansion

The 2024 PlayX4 B2B event in Korea recently kicked off for this year with several developers showcasing their upcoming projects. Gray Bits, a recently formed studio with veterans who’ve worked on games like MLB Perfect Innings, is part of the show as well. They’ve announced their upcoming title, Professional Baseball Team Spirit Manager. 

Team Spirit Manager is a baseball sim for Android and iOS, which will be centred around the Korean Baseball Organisation. The studio’s goal is to create a simple, yet immersive experience for fans of the sport. All this will be made using a cutting-edge simulation engine with a realistic highlights system that promises an entertaining journey.

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The title isn’t going to require a lot of grinding or endless hours of playing and is being designed to fit right into your schedules. It moves away from the control-based mechanics and opts for a more idle approach that maximises the convenience factor. You can hop in and out of the game at any time as you're ensured that progression will continue in the background.

Visuals will be a unique aspect of Team Spirit Manager as it follows a more TV-broadcast-like style, wherein you can catch all the action like rundowns, wild pitches, and passed balls like in real life. Situations from actual games will also be inculcated into the sim so as to make the entire experience even more captivating. 

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An official release will still take some time as the game’s only about a third of its way through development. It will first be released in Korea, post which it will be launched in other baseball-centric countries such as Taiwan, North America, and Japan. 

As of now, Professional Baseball Team Spirit Manager is targeting a January 2025 launch in Korea, which will be followed by an international expansion.

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