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8 Prison Architect designs that will hold the prisoners in

8 Prison Architect designs that will hold the prisoners in

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Being tasked with building a fully functional and high-security prison might seem a tall order for many, but it’s a piece of cake if you know the basics! We will demonstrate some of the best Prison Architect designs that will teach you how you can construct a top-notch prison that will be able to hold and suffice the needs of even the most notorious prisoners.

Be reminded that some prisoners are quite tough to handle, and require special care or else they could be harmed, or much worse, escape. You are going to be tasked with not only handling them but also taking care of them. The more prisoners, the more profits you rake in! In the beginning, you will only start with a small piece of land. Over time, though, you can expand this land into a full-fledged prison with intricately designed details such as the cafeteria, the prison cells, the guarding system, incorporating new security systems, and much more.

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The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption Source: YouTube Tidus Mino

As the name itself might suggest, this prison tries to replicate the famous Shawshank prison from the blockbuster movie of the same name. It is a sober prison with not so many entertainment facilities for the prisoners. It follows the unique zig-zag design of the original but also incorporates some new elements such as high-security cameras in the cafeteria, activity room, and other areas where a large number of prisoners can gather. The beds are lined up vertically against each other in different blocks, with each block finally culminating into the cafeteria present at the centremost section.

Nevermore Grand Prison

Nevermore Grand Prison Source: YouTube Tidus Mino

The second one on the list of great Prison Architect designs, this prison is specialized for fitting a large capacity of prisoners at a time. Known for its rectangular locked shape, it’s also quite easy to manage and look after. This prison design is a remarkable feat of architecture and is preferred by new players and veterans alike. The prisoners are kept placed in 4x20 or 4x24 rooms, guarded by 10-12 prison guards each depending on player to player. Sadly, it still has a huge drawback of causing more riots than regular prisons. This is simply due to the fact that we are overcrowding the prison by fitting in more prisoners in a congested area. We would recommend taking a look at the bad fish among prisoners and separating them from less harmful ones.

Juniper 1

Juniper 1 Source: YouTube Tidus Mino
An arguably simpler design for a prison, the Juniper 1 still works flawlessly as it was aimed at housing a large number of prisoners efficiently. Known for its longevity and high-efficiency functionality, the Juniper designs always have their trademark roads running right beside the actual prison facility.

The Penaldome

The Penaldome Source: YouTube Tidus Mino
The Penaldome is more of an artistic expression of what a futuristic prison should and could look like. It is a locked enclosure that has 4 gateways, each in the North, South, West, and East directions. The Prisoners are given ample room for living, and a lot of amenities are also present to keep them entertained. It also harbours large lush green courtyards. This prison design features a unique diagonal line of roads inside the enclosure, using which prisoners are transported from locations under the watch of prison guards. While this prison setup is famous for fewer riots among prisoners, it also comes at a heavy cost, which might be a burden over time if more beds to accommodate larger numbers of prisoners are not added.

Orso’s Masterpiece

Orso’s Masterpiece Source: YouTube Tidus Mino
Orso’s Masterpiece is one of the largest Prison Architect designs you can find in the workshop. It’s built to be one of the highest security prisons in the game, devoid of any feeling and representing a soulless mood fit for the horrific crimes committed by the individuals kept inside it. It has a very high inmate capacity and turnover ratio, making it actually quite profitable to run on a massive scale. Featuring a host of horizontally lined beds that feel like an endless void, the prisoners will find it difficult to escape this one!

Semi Circle Tai Ji

Semi Circle Tai Ji Source: YouTube Tidus Mino
This prison design is a masterpiece in itself, representing the colourful tiles and furniture to give a Yin/Yang design to the entire prison space. Constructed from south to north with a curved semi-circle shape, this prison is widely regarded as one of the toughest to escape. This is simply due to the multiple layers of security the prisoners would face even if they tried to escape. The inner circles are kept for more high-profile prisoners as they are also the most secure ones. From a distant point of view, the boundaries even look curved due to the precise placement of prison cells!

Happy Trails Lake

Happy Trails Lake Source: YouTube Tidus Mino
This prison design makes use of both the connecting roads and gives off a happy-go-lucky vibe, as a lake seems to surround the entire prison. Don’t get fooled by its joyful nature though, as it’s built to hold even the rudest of prisoners due to its multi-layered design and fewer escape routes. Happy Trails Lake also makes judicious use of the space to house more inmates. Full of different amenities such as a library, sports ground, and multiple cafeterias, prisoners tend to be less violent than usual.

Limerick Prison

Limerick Prison\Source: YouTube Tidus Mino
The Limerick prison is a true-to-life recreation of the prison located on Limerick Island. This prison design is constructed with the blueprint of the actual city prison in mind, giving a great feel and look. On top of it, the prison boasts a ton of amenities such as three workshops, a courtyard, multiple laundries, and three cafeterias for the prisoners. It runs efficiently and smoothly, with high-security standards set in place.

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