Postknight 2 announces two-part Turning Tides update that launches soon

Postknight 2 announces two-part Turning Tides update that launches soon

Kurechii has just announced a major content update for Postknight 2, which is set to introduce brand-new playable areas as well as more enemies and a tonne of new content. It's titled Turning Tides and should be available to download in a few days. In addition, the adventure RPG will also be playable in more languages when the patch releases.

The Turning Tides update in Postknight 2 is big enough to be divided into two separate patches. The first one, titled version 2.0 Wastelands: The Lost Ocean, releases on September 26th, followed by version 2.3, Dev’loka: The Walking City in Q1 2024. To celebrate the update’s arrival, bucketloads of Coins, Crystal Gems, and other rewards will be given to everyone over the next two weeks.

A mysterious relic has been hidden deep within the blazing heat of the Helix desert. It is inhabited by the Wyords, a tough, dragon-like race who fight using guns and knives. Players needn’t go alone on this perilous journey though, as dark Postknight, Raz, passionate Postknight, Almond, and Rho’don, the idealistic Wyord Wayfinder are here to help.

The first half of this patch will see players venture out into the wastelands, where they will find the artefact while uncovering a lot of Helix’s history in the process. It is an unforgiving region and players will end up learning more about themselves over and above their expected destinies.

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Meanwhile, the update also introduces the Division Campaign from the original game. It comes with new mechanics that will allow players to grow their squad by hiring Team Recruits. Other than that, there’s a tonne of QoL enhancements, UI and UX improvements, as well as the ability to show off the rank in the online profile.

Get ready for the new update by downloading Postknight 2 now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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