Tower of God: New World is hosting the Khun Family Fall Festival in latest update

Tower of God: New World is hosting the Khun Family Fall Festival in latest update

Netmarble is back with its monthly update for Tower of God: New World. A few weeks ago, we saw the introduction of Yihwa Yeon as well as more expansion to the game’s storyline. The latest patch brings more characters, costumes, features, and in-game events to the collectible card RPG.

Two allies join Tower of God: New World in this update. SSR+ Khun Edahn (Data) is a yellow element, a ranged character who uses a spear, whereas SSR+ Khun Kiseia (Assassin) is a purple element, scout hero. Plus, five new costumes have been added, Ruler of the Damily for Edahn, Exalted Butterfly’s Dream for Mascheny, Dignified Wanderer for Hatzling, Steadfast Promise for Aguero, and Swaying Lantern for Kiseia.

Check out this TOG: New World tier list to see where these new characters stack up!

Inspired by the webtoon, the update also introduces the Guardian’s Test, which is similar to the training undertaken before traversing the Revolution Road. Every day, a few stages will unlock separately from the Adventure mode, granting access to numerous rewards. The Khun Family Fall Festival on the other hand features an original storyline that has been divided into Story and Free stages.

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Players who manage to complete all missions from this new questline will be rewarded with 40x Normal Summon Tickets and 60x SSR Soulstones among other rewards. More freebies can be earned from the Daily Free Summons which grant up to five free summons per day. A rate-up list guarantees that the 200th summon will be one of the chosen characters.

The Fall Festival also includes an Exchange Shop and a Check-In event, both offering loads of goodies. Players will be able to earn SSR Khun Haztling and costumes for Kiseia from the former, while the latter provides multiple rewards such as 30x Normal Summon Tickets and 3000x Suspendium.

Download Tower of God: New World now for free by clicking on your preferred link below.

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