Pokemon Unite introduces the Legendary Zacian to its roster

Pokemon Unite introduces the Legendary Zacian to its roster
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Pokémon Day celebrations recently concluded and with them came a new creature to Pokémon Unite’s squad – Zacian. The Legendary Pokémon from the Galar region comes to Aeos Island as a Melee All-Rounder, through The Adventure in Zacian’s Weald event. Participating players can earn Coins by rolling a die, which will ultimately unlock Zacian’s Unite License.


Zacian’s basic moves are Slash and Quick Attack, which see it deal small amounts of damage to nearby Pokémon. If these moves are consecutively performed, the following basic attack stages will change. Boosted attacks will offer an increased AoE, dealing more damage at the same time.

Level five has a move called Sacred Sword, which should not be missed. During this attack, Zacian will draw a circle around itself, inflicting AoE damage to surrounding Pokémon while also reducing their movement speed. Zacian’s attack increases simultaneously. On level seven, the Pokémon can learn Agility, which increases movement speed or Play Rough, which does damage and paralyzes foes.

Zacian’s Unite Move is called Sovereign Sword. It sees the Legendary Pokémon raise its massive sword and slash it in front, dealing immense damage to anyone in its way. During this time, Zacian also becomes immune to hindrances.

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Being a Melee All-Rounder already makes Zacian a powerful Pokémon that is capable of dealing consistent damage, albeit at a shorter range. Its boosted moves make it possible for Zacian to fight speedy targets, but taking them down will still require extra assistance from teammates. Pokémon like Zoroark will have a hard time facing Zacian’s Sacred Sword.

Zacian is formidable enough to take on ranged enemies, but someone like Delphox may still pose a problem. The latter has an arsenal of ranged attacks which can do a flurry of damage quickly. Closing the gap while avoiding major cooldowns will be crucial against Ranged Attackers.

Add Zacian to your roster now by downloading Pokémon Unite for free.

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