Pokemon Unite has added Tyranitar to its power-packed roster

Pokemon Unite has added Tyranitar to its power-packed roster

It’s been melee all-rounder Pokémons’ time to shine in Pokémon Unite as a couple of weeks ago we saw the launch of Buzzwole and today, another one belonging to the same category is joining the MOBA’s massive roster. Pokémon Unite has just introduced the Armor Pokémon Tryanitar in-game and it can be purchased from the Unite Battle Committee shop for 14,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Basic Moves

The Pokémon begins as Larvitar from levels one to three and can perform two moves. Bite will attack any Pokémon in front and damage it, sometimes preventing it from moving. The second attack is Rock Polish, which sees the Larvitar charge ahead, attacking everyone in the way while also increasing its own Attack.

Then, at level five, the Pokémon evolves into Tyranitar and Bite can be upgraded to one of two moves. Using Dark Pulse, it will be able to damage opposing Pokémon by releasing a mist of darkness. If this move is combined with Ancient Power, then it can go through a Pokémon’s Defence as well. The other option is Stone Edge, an AoE move which can be used up to three times, with the damage radius increasing with each use.

Finally, at level nine, Rock Polish can be upgraded to either Ancient Power or Sand Tomb. The former creates a shockwave, attacking and debilitating opponents, while the latter sees Tyranitar leap and attack a Pokémon, followed by a cloud of dust dealing damage over time. Both these moves provide a number of other buffs as well.

Unite Move

Tyranitar’s Unite Move is called Tyrannical Rampage and it gives the Pokémon a massive movement boost with much high damage dealing attacks. It is also capable of knocking down an opponent if it manages to lower its HP below a certain percentage.


Another melee all-rounder, meaning it will fare very well against Defenders and Supports while it guards the centre of the stadium. It is particularly strong against Blissey but its moves can be countered by a ranged Pokémon like Dragonite.

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