Pokemon Unite to introduce Miraidon, Falinks and Ceruledge to its roster over the next few months

Pokemon Unite to introduce Miraidon, Falinks and Ceruledge to its roster over the next few months
  • Miraidon will be available from today
  • Falinks is arriving in April and Ceruledge is 'coming soon'
  • Miraidon can be acquired through a Special Event, available now!

Pokemon Unite, the MOBA spin on the popular franchise, is set to introduce three new Pokemon in the coming months. Miraidon, an Electric/Dragon Type, is available now with an exclusive event to acquire its Unite licence, which is open until March 23rd.

Meanwhile, Falinks, a Fighting Type is set to arrive in April. The final Pokemon of the batch, Ceruledge - a Fire/Ghost-Type - is set to arrive at an indeterminate date but is confirmed to be 'coming soon'. Most likely both will also have a limited-time event to acquire their Unite licence when they're released, so stay tuned and we'll keep you updated!

As we've noted today, the Pokemon Presents event has not just contained news about the series' mainline games, but also huge updates for their mobile offerings. We've got updates for Pokemon Sleep, a tie-in event for Pokemon Go to the new Netflix series Pokemon: Horizons and more! It looks like 2024 is going to be a big year for Pokemon on mobile.

You can check out a preview of Miraidon's moveset above. And keep your eye out for more Unite news right here on the site.

Perhaps the biggest news so far has been that the actual Pokemon trading card game will receive its own smartphone version. It's been something fans have been clamoring for, for years, so we're intrigued to see how well it's received. Is the lack of physical cards going to be a detriment? Or do we have another smash hit on our hands? Well, we'll have to wait and see.

Pokemon Unite presents some major differences from the typical formula. So that calls for a deep dive into how exactly your favourites may measure up in a completely different game type. Why not check out our tier list of the best and worst in Pokemon Unite to get you started?

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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