Pokemon Unite's roster just got stronger with the addition of the Ultra Beast, Buzzwole

Pokemon Unite's roster just got stronger with the addition of the Ultra Beast, Buzzwole

Pokémon Unite recently celebrated its first year anniversary with the launch of Season 9: Band Style which marked the debut of Glaceon. Today, another Pokémon comes into the fray and it is the super muscular beast – Buzzwole. The melee all-rounder has found its way to the MOBA and is ready to bash all opponents with its strength and bulging muscles. Buzzwole is so brawny that he has his own muscle gauge that charges every time an attack lands and powers-up subsequent ones. Players can obtain the license for 12,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems.

Basic Moves

Over the first three levels, Buzzwole knows Mega Punch and Full Stinger. The former deals AoE damage and ups the muscle gauge by one if a Pokémon is hit, while the latter uses the gauge to deal damage in a particular direction, giving Buzzwole HP if the opponent is knocked out.

At level five, Stinger can be upgraded to one of two moves. Leech Life will deal damage over time while restoring HP and consuming the entire gauge. The second option is Superpower, which also uses the meter and slams an opposing Pokémon down dealing damage to it and the surrounding area.

At level seven, Mega Punch can be upgraded to Lunge or Smack Down. Lunge deals directional damage while reducing opponent attack temporarily, while Smack Down uppercuts the Pokémon and can be followed-up by another attack to deal immense damage with an added AoE effect.

Unite Move

Buzzwole’s Unite Move is called Ultra Swole Slam and unlocks at level nine. It deals AoE damage at high-speed and then targets the weakest Pokémon, bashing it up again.


Because Buzzwole is an all-rounder, it is best suited to the central area so that it can upgrade its moves quickly. It also deals a lot of hindrances using Smack Down and Superpower, which should be used smartly. Buzzwole will be quite effective at combatting Absol, a Pokémon that deals pretty much the highest damage. The only time it may face a challenge is when going against an agile ranged Pokémon like Cinderance.

Run through squads by getting the Ultra Beast Buzzwole now by downloading Pokémon Unite.

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