Pokemon Unite's Season 9: Band Style sees Glaceon added to the game's roster

Pokemon Unite's Season 9: Band Style sees Glaceon added to the game's roster
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Pokémon Unite recently announced a huge party for its first anniversary and the celebrations finally begin today. Rewards are being given away in hordes and players will be able to receive free licenses, Holowear, and so much more. The Anniversary Cake Challenge will provide them with special tasks as well. To find out more about that, read our recent article.

The focus of this article is Pokémon Unite’s new season, the ninth, which is called Band Style. It will be live until September 1st. With it comes the new battle pass that contains stylish Trainer fashion items, and new Holowear, such as Band Style: Pikachu and Songstress Style: Wigglytuff. But that’s not all, with this update, the Fresh Snow Pokémon, Glaceon has also made its way to the MOBA. Thanks to the Icy Glaceon Challenge, players will have until August 14th to get the Pokémon’s license for free. After that, the license will cost 10,000 Aeos coins so don’t miss your chance to snag it for free!

Let’s now talk about Galceon’s moveset. At level one and two, the Pokémon starts off as Eevee, who knows two moves. Swift attacks opponents with four stars while Tail Whip deals damage while lowering the other Pokémon’s Defence, Special Defence, and movement speed. At level four, Eevee evolves into Glaceon and can replace Swift with either Icicle Spear or Icy Wind. The former hits enemies with icy thorns, while the latter makes the basic attack launch ice crystals.

Then, at level six, Tail Whip can be exchanged for Ice Shard that can increase Glaceon’s movement speed while hitting foes, or Freeze-Dry, which boosts special attack and emits a strong burst of air that hits hard. Finally, at level eight, Glaceon will be able to use its Unite Move, Glacial Stage, which causes it to jump up, making a diamond-shaped ice zone dealing AoE damage while providing it with buffs as well.

Don’t miss out on getting Glaceon! Download Pokémon Unite now for free by tapping one of the links given below.

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