Pokemon Unite is celebrating its first anniversary with lots of events and Pokemon to catch

Pokemon Unite is celebrating its first anniversary with lots of events and Pokemon to catch

There has been a tonne of Pokémon games that have launched on mobile over the past few years. 2021 saw the launch of Pokémon Unite, the franchise’s first handheld MOBA. And now, the game will celebrate its first anniversary on July 21st. TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company have an entire celebration planned and players will be able to take part in loads of events where they can get their hands on numerous Pokémon.

To start things off, players will receive five Unite licenses and Holowear just for logging in. These can be obtained by logging in for five different days until mid-October. The licenses include Pikachu, Lucario, Blastoise, Snorlax, Sylveon, and fashionable items for them. In addition to that, licenses for Glaceon, Buzzwole, and Tyranitar will also be introduced over the next few weeks, with more to be added in September.

There are two challenges to look out for as well. The Anniversary Cake Challenge will grant players frosting for clearing various missions which can be used to unlock multiple rewards. Elsewhere, the Icy Glaceon Challenge tasks players with a special mission that gives away an exclusive license for Glaceon.

Furthermore, everyone will be able to take part in Boss Rush, Pokémon Unite’s PvE mode, which involves players teaming up and beating a boss Pokémon. The higher the score, the better the goodies. A new feature called Pokémon Boost Emblems will also be added to the energy report pool. They are available in gold, silver, and bronze. On top of that, the anniversary day will also mark the release of season nine of the battle pass titled Band Style – Pikachu. It will include special missions that unlock top-tier rewards like Holowear, Trainer fashion items, and other rewards from Battle Pass Season 1 and Battle Pass Season 2.

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