Pokémon Unite's India representatives for World Championship 2024 set to be S8UL

The team has dominated the qualifiers for previous Championships

Pokémon Unite's India representatives for World Championship 2024 set to be S8UL
  • The Pokémon Unite Indian team for the 2024 World Champions is set to be S8UL
  • The five-man team dominated the qualifying stages for their region
  • The Pokémon Unite World Championship 2024 has over $500,000 on the line for the finals

India's representative for the Pokémon Unite World Championships 2024 is set to be esports team S8UL. The team, which dominated the qualifying stage, will now go on to represent India in Honolulu, Hawaii for the finals on August the 18th through to the 20th, with a $500,000 prize-pool on the line.

The five-man team which consists of captain Manmohan Singh (S8UL AllMight), alongside teammates Deep Patel (S8UL • Snowyy), Rudra Narayan Nayak (S8UL • Rex), Adnan Badshah (S8UL.Badshah), and Rahul Lavhate (S8UL • Kyurem) were unbeaten throughout the qualifying stage. But now they'll have to face off against the best teams in the world for the finals stage.

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Pokémon Unite, a MOBA spin-off of the popular video game and trading card franchise, has held the Unite World Championships for three consecutive years, with an impressive overall prize-pool of $1m, with the majority of the takings for the winner of the finals. Given India's massive esports community it's no surprise that that the qualifiers were big news, and S8UL were already set to be dominant during the competition.

However, S8UL will face stiff competition with some of the top teams from across the world including esports hotspots like the APAC (Asia-Pacific) region gathering in Hawaii this year for duke it out. And while you may question just how serious a MOBA based on the most popular all-ages franchise in the world can be, with half-a-mil on the line we won't be surprised if these teams bring their best.

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