Pokemon Unite patch notes - Major changes and tweaks

Pokemon Unite patch notes - Major changes and tweaks
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With the launch of the game for mobile devices, TiMi Studios has also rolled out a new Pokemon Unite patch - which introduces major changes, with a lot of tweaks to stats. Along with the changes, a new battle pass and theme have also arrived.

In this article, we’ll talk about the changes in detail and what that might mean for the game. Until now, Pokemon Unite has received four patch updates but the latest promises significant changes.

Apart from the adjustments and information about the Battle Pass, it also includes details of upcoming events. Zirco Trading has also been improved by adding a few more features and, of course, bugs have been fixed.

Pokemon changes in patch


Night Slash
  • Cooldown reduced
  • Area of effect adjusted
Sucker Punch
  • Cooldown reduced
  • Duration of unstoppable condition, while the move is in use, is increased

As a speedster Pokemon, Absol can now utilise its Ultimate skill effectively as the cooldown is reduced along with adjusted AOE.



  • The number of attacks decreased
  • The damage of each attack increased
  • Increased the time between uses to make the move easier to use
  • The number of attacks in the Wild Charge combo will now increase even if the player performs a basic attack while using Spark
Wild Charge
  • Cooldown reduced
  • Damage taken while using this move is reduced

As a melee Pokemon, faster movement with insane damage is necessary. The nerf to Slash might result in lower pick rates as the number of attacks is decreased. However, Wild Charge will become available sooner which will help ganking during a team fight. Read more on how to get Zeraorafor free!


Fire Punch
  • Target(s) affected by the burn adjusted
  • Movement speed increase strengthened
Fire Blast
  • Cooldown reduced
Unite Move (Seismic Slam)
This move has been changed to the following:
  • Has the user grab a Pokémon from the opposing team and slam it onto the ground from the air. For a short time afterwards, the user can move freely over obstacles. While this Unite Move is being used, the user’s basic attacks deal increased damage and leave opposing Pokémon burned. In addition, when the user deals damage to an opposing Pokémon, the user recovers HP.
  • Unite Move charge rate decreased
  • Fixed a bug affecting the possible timing for ending this move

Charizard struggled to move around the map while using any of its skills, making it vulnerable to enemy ganks. While using Flamethrower, it can now gain movement speed and use Fire Blast again in a short period of time. The Unite Move’s mechanics have changed, Charizard to move through obstacles. 

How is Charizard doing? Check out our Pokemon Unite tier list!


Giga Drain

  • Damage reduction increased
Petal Dance
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased
  • Cooldown reduced
  • Movement speed increase strengthened

Venusaur fell behind as a ranged attacker in the late game because the damage from Giga Drain wasn’t potent enough. This patch strengthens Petal Dance along with Giga Drain, which will help Venusaur hold its lane and ambush the enemy.


Pyro Ball

  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased
  • Cooldown reduced
Flame Charge
  • Cooldown reduced
Unite Move (Blazing Bicycle Kick)
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when the move failed to activate
  • Ability effect timing adjusted

Cinderace is one of the fastest Pokemon in terms of dashes and blinks. The Unite Move is now bug-free, which means it can perform its first skill and Blazing Bicycle Kick combo easily.



  • Attack increased
  • Cooldown reduced
  • Aerial movement speed increase strengthened
Unite Move (Flame Sweep)
  • Unite Move charge rate increased

Known for its escaping abilities from a potential threat, Talonflame can now easily Fly and perform a basic attack as its first skill is now optimized. It also has an increased Move charge rate in Flame Sweep while aerial movement speed is also significantly increased.


  • Defence and Sp. Def increased
Rough Skin
  • Adjusted the time between instances of this Ability’s effect triggering

Garchomp’s endurance and offence is already commendable. As such, this patch focuses on its defence stats and enhances them even more, allowing for better ambushes.


  • Attack and max HP decreased
  • Fixed a bug causing the Smokescreen+ effect to trigger even before the move is upgraded
Double Team
  • Improved the movement of illusory copies
Water Shuriken
  • Fixed a bug affecting the nerf to opposing Pokémon’s movement speed
Unite Move (Waterburst Shuriken)
  • Adjusted the move to allow it to trigger more quickly
  • Attack increase weakened

Previously, Greninja couldn’t execute a combo with Waterburst Shuriken while making illusionary copies of itself. The delay is now fixed along with the movement speed of its illusory copies.


  • Max-level Sp. Atk decreased
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased
Dazzling Gleam
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased
  • Fixed a bug affecting opposing Pokémon put to sleep by this move
Cute Charm
  • Adjusted the time between instances of this Ability’s effect triggering

Wigglytuff is considered the best team fighting Pokemon due to its ability to stun and confuse enemies. Wigglytuff was overpowered in previous patches and so the developers have nerfed the majority of its skills.


Boosted Attack
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased
  • Cooldown reduced
Unite Move (Gatling Gulp Missile)
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased

Cramorant's Dive skill’s CD has been nerfed along with the Unite Move.


Power-Up Punch

  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon decreased
Close Combat
  • Damage dealt to opposing Pokémon increased
  • Number of attacks increased.
Close Combat+
  • Fixed a bug affecting this move’s damage

Another all-rounder Pokemon with overpowered damage and attack speed that scaled up exponentially from mid to late game. Its mobility gains an extra boost and can be used twice after successfully hitting the target. The patch nerfed and adjusted its first and second skill while keeping its Unite Move the same.

Alolan Ninetales


  • Changed how the move deals damage after Blizzard hits an obstacle
Unite Move (Snow Globe)
  • Fixed bugs
Snow Warning
  • Fixed bugs

The best support in the Pokemon roster, Alolan Ninetales’ Unite Move had a few bugs while Snow Warning was unable to freeze the enemies. These issues have now been fixed.


Cotton Guard

  • Fixed a bug affecting HP recovery when the move ends
Leaf Tornado
  • Improved the move’s effects and adjusted the ability to match the feel of the controls.

When your team is full of melee Pokemon, make sure you pick Eldegoss as it can knock and stun the enemy in two combos. The HP recovery bug is now fixed and we should see Eldegoss more in the arena again.


Boosted Attack

  • Fixed a bug affecting this move’s damage
  • Fixed bugs

Gardevoir has the best offensive stats in the entire game. Once you get used to executing her combos, they can be devastating to opponents. The current patch fixes the bugs, allowing you to execute combos easier.



  • Fixed a bug affecting opposing Pokémon put to sleep by this move

According to a few reports, the Yawn skill didn’t work on Pokemon with dashes or blinks.



  • Fixed a bug that occurred when opposing Pokémon is pulled toward the user
  • Fixed a bug affecting this move’s timing

Grengar’s skill CDs were bugged with incorrect duration, which is now fixed.

Mr Mime


  • Adjusted the move so that when it is upgraded, it refills its reserve uses to the maximum
  • Guard Swap
  • Fixed a bug affecting the swapping of Defense

Mr Mime was already annoying in the first place. This adjustment will further enhance him further.


Adjusted the Pokémon’s contact area

If the enemy team has more invaders, Crustle will protect your goal and your allies as the contact area has been adjusted.

  • Basic Attack
  • Fixed a bug causing both basic and boosted attacks to decrease the Sp. Def of opposing Pokémon.
  • Surf
  • Adjusted the area of effect.

Slowbro is effective against Pokemon with a lot of dash skills. Its Slowbeam paired with basic attacks can stun enemies for some time. The bug on the basic attack has now been removed.

Bug Fixes


  • Unite Move (Barrage Blow)
  • Fixed a bug with the shove effect
  • Fixed a bug with the move being used on super jump springboards


Rapid Spin
  • Fixed a bug causing attacks performed while spinning to decrease the movement speed of opposing Pokémon
  • Fixed a bug allowing the user to use either Hydro Pump or Water Spout at the same time as basic attacks while spinning

Wild Pokémon: Regigigas

As a balance adjustment, added the following effect when this Pokémon is defeated:
For a short time, your team’s goal-scoring speed increases and your team’s goals become unblockable.

Battle Pass

If you haven’t claimed battle pass points after completing the Season 1 First Half missions, you won’t be able to now as the second season is underway. Reward items including new battle pass levels and battle pass prize boxes will be available at a later date and can be claimed through your in-game mailbox.


  • Rewards can’t be claimed during maintenance anymore
  • Items location change during maintenance
  • Items available as energy rewards
  • Items available for exchange with Holowear tickets in Zirco Trading

Five Million Pre-registrations celebration

Players who have downloaded the game and have completed the basic tutorial will be able to claim Aeos tickets, Unite License: Pikachu, and Festival Style: Pikachu as gifts. Switch users can also claim these gifts by linking their Nintendo account.

  • New Battle Pass - Galactic Ghost 094
  • New Feature: Unite Squads

Other Updates

  • Zeraora’s Unite License has new missions to be complete
  • New event added for held items
  • A new Battle Guide feature is now available
  • Spectate feature is now live
  • “Good job!” accolades can now be given during battle
  • The Switch version now has the offline feature
  • Shop, text and UI bugs are now fixed
  • Trainer fashion item designs have now been changed
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