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How to transfer game data between devices in Pokemon Unite

Step by step guide on how to transfer your Pokemon Unite account from Nintendo Switch to mobile

How to transfer game data between devices in Pokemon Unite
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Finally, Pokemon Unite game has been launched for both Android and iOS. Since it dropped on Nintendo Switch previously, we are going to teach you how to transfer your Pokemon Unite account to mobile!

If that sounds like you, then this article will answer any questions you may have and we’ll also provide the simple steps required to connect your devices to share game progress.

Pokemon Unite was announced back in June 2020, during the Pokemon Presents conference. The game follows the MOBA concept where five players in each team compete against each other to complete objectives. In the case of Pokemon Unite, the team that scores the highest points within ten minutes is declared the winner.

Does Pokemon Unite support cross-platform play?

In March this year, TiMi Studios announced the game would include cross-platform support allowing players to swap between Switch and mobile. Following the global release, we can confirm that the game completely supports the feature, which is good news for those who are looking to play on multiple devices.

How to use the cross-platform feature?

In order to use the feature, you must bind your Pokemon Unite account with a Nintendo or Pokemon Trainer Club account. You can also use a Google or Facebook account if you wish to switch between Android and iOS.

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How to bind Pokemon Unite account?

Binding the account in Pokemon Unite is very easy. All you have to do is complete the basic tutorials and wait for the game to load the main dashboard. After you collect your reward, the game asks you to select an account for saving your data. If you haven’t done it yet, you can head to Settings and tap on Account Settings. Here you have the option to select an account to bind with your game data.

How to switch between the devices?

The steps for switching between mobile and from mobile to Switch are slightly different. Follow our steps to easily share the game progress between devices.

Between mobile devices:
  • Link your account using Google or Pokemon Trainer Club
  • Launch the game on the other device and select either of the above options and enter your credentials
  • You can also use Facebook to bind the data, but you will have to sign in again on the other device in order to verify the account
Between mobile to Switch and vice-versa:
  • If you started playing on Switch, it is advisable to link your Nintendo Account
  • Launch the game on mobile and select the Nintendo option and enter your login details
  • Similarly, if you’re on mobile and sharing the data to Switch, bind the account using your Nintendo account. Open Unite on Switch and log in using your Nintendo account
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