Pokemon Unite is concluding 2022 with the launch of Dragapult

Pokemon Unite is concluding 2022 with the launch of Dragapult
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TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company have the perfect way of concluding the year with the release of the new Pokémon, Dragapult. Gen VIII’s pseudo-legendary Pokémon, who is also called the Stealth Pokémon joins the MOBA’s roster as the final addition for 2022. Its license is available in the shop for 575 Aeos Gems and it should be available for Aeos Coins from the next week.

Dragapult is a Dragon and Ghost-type Pokémon who joins Pokémon Unite as a Ranged Attacker. It deals basic attacks until the gauge is filled after which Dragapult can deal boosted attacks that will increase both damage and the AoE radius. This will only be valid for a short duration and will reduce if no damage is dealt.

In the beginning, Dragapult makes use of two moves to attack opponents. Astonish uses sound to damage opposing Pokémon and decreases their movement speed, while Quick Attack increases its own attack speed and deals damage.

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Moving onto level five will unlock two new moves that can replace Quick Attack. Dragon Dance will see Dragapult fly in circles and deal damage to all the surrounding Pokémon. Knocking down a Pokémon will also reset the cooldown. In Phantom Force, movement speed is increased and stealth is employed in order to sneak up on opponents and thrash them with a boosted basic attack.

Then at level seven, Astonish can be upgraded. The first option is Dragon Breath, which also does damage while decreasing movement speed. Additionally, it burns the ground too causing damage over time. Shadow Ball on the other hand sees Dragapult launch an orb that goes around marking and obliterating enemies.

Finally, Dragapult’s Unite Move, called Dreep and Destroy involves launching Dreepy’s on two enemies, dealing damage to both of them, or causing all of it to rain down on the last opponent.

Get your hands on Dragapult now by downloading Pokémon Unite for free.

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