Pokemon Masters EX's latest Sync Pair, N & Zekrom, is now available alongside a New Year's Rally

The Ideal Formula event is now live too

Pokemon Masters EX's latest Sync Pair, N & Zekrom, is now available alongside a New Year's Rally

Following the announcement earlier this week, N & Zekrom have arrived in Pokemon Masters as the latest Sync Pair. To coincide with their arrival, a new event called The Ideal Formula is now underway with a New Year's Rally also kicking off.

The Ideal Formula will be available from today until January 12th and will follow the Prize Box format you'll be familiar with if you've played the game before. If not, it sees players taking part in a series of battles to earn tokens which can then be used to pull prizes from a box before moving on to the next tier.

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This includes various training items alongside maps that allow you to progress through the story of the event. The event also brings a series of missions for players to complete which will net them a mixture of Gems, medals and N Sync Orbs.

N & Zekrom won't simply be available as part of the event, however. Instead, players will have to pull them from the related Poke Fair Scout. This will be available until 29th January and grants a slightly higher chance of pulling N & Zekrom.

There is also a New Year's Countdown Rally running from today until January 5th. This includes a daily log-in bonus and a series of Mission Bingo quests to complete. This will net players a mixture of Gems, co-op Sync Orbs, Skill Spheres and 3-Star Level-Up Manuals.

Pokemon Masters EX is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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