Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its fourth anniversary with three awesome new sync pairs

Pokemon Masters EX is celebrating its fourth anniversary with three awesome new sync pairs

DeNa Co and The Pokémon Company have just kicked off celebrations for Pokémon Masters EX’s fourth-year anniversary. Players will be able to take advantage of new gameplay mechanics, events, giveaways, and several login bonuses. In addition, three new sync pairs are debuting, bringing new Pokémon and skills to the fray.

All three duos joining the game are Master sync pairs, which come with passive skills that constantly provide buffs to the entire team. They also possess the new EX Role, which grants an additional stat boot immediately. Once upgraded to 6-stars, the duo will also be able to use an even stronger sync move.

The first sync pair consists of Red & Zapdos, an ice-type pair with the Kanto Spirit master massive skill. It increases the team’s special attack and slightly decreases the special attack damage taken. Frozen Wings Ice Beam freezes the opponent and does great damage while also nerfing their defensive passive skills.

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Duo number features Leaf & Moltres, a fire-type sync pair. They possess the Kanto Pride master skill, which raises physical damage dealt and lowers physical damage taken. Their move is called Fiery Wings Flare Blitz. It turns up the heat and changes the weather, leaving the enemy prone to being burnt.

Finally, an electric-type sync pair with Blue & Zapdos joins Pokémon Masters EX for the fourth-anniversary celebrations. Their Thundering Wings Roost move comes with two advantages – it deals an obscene amount of damage but also restores the HP of all squadmates by up to 30%. Players will have until October 6th to get their hands on all three of them.

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