Pokemon Masters EX adds in the ability to customise your trainer further with the latest surprise update

Pokemon Masters EX adds in the ability to customise your trainer further with the latest surprise update

The super successful turn-based gacha RPG Pokemon Masters EX, based on the Pokemon franchise, of course, has one more surprise for players post their Christmas festivities. The latest update has added the ability to customise the trainer that you’ve chosen as your primary character. This has been a heavily requested feature, and while the new features are surface-level, it’s good to see them in the game as a start.

Pokemon Masters EX is essentially a mobile rendition of the classic Pokemon experience, though it transfers those into a gacha-style gameplay loop. You’ll choose your own trainer and slowly grow them over time as you also collect Pokemon and battle against progressively harder foes, be that within a story mode or within event stages and so on. There’s always a lot to do, and it’s seen a consistent amount of fans since launching a few years back.

Now, players will be able to take their trainers and make them their own even further than they could before. Originally, you could only choose from a pretty small pool of skin tones, hairstyles, and hair colours. With this latest update, you can now extend that customisation to your hat, both within the style of headwear and the colour too.

This will allow you to express your own aesthetic even further than before, making your trainer truly a representation of yourself. It’s a great feature to add in, as more customisation is never a bad thing, and players have long awaited a feature like this. It might seem simple in concept, but customisation is important in any Pokemon title, so it’s good to see Pokemon Masters EX listening to fans and finally releasing this update.

If you’d like to try out these new features yourself, you can currently download Pokemon Masters EX for free at either of the links below!

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