Pokemon Masters: Everything you need to know

Characters, story, and gameplay

Pokemon Masters: Everything you need to know

The Pokemon Company's upcoming RPG Pokemon Masters is pretty much set to be the biggest game of the summer. Therefore, we figured we'd gather together all the latest info on the game's development, characters, and story, and put it all into one nice and tidy article.

So, without further ado, here's everything there is to know so far about Pokemon Masters...

Who's it being developed by?

The game is a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and DeNA, the team that helped Nintendo with Fire Emblem Heroes and Super Mario Run. DeNA is a specialist in quality mobile games, so here's to hoping Champions follows in the same vein as its earlier output.

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Where's it set?

Pokemon Masters takes place is an all-new island region known as Pasio. Pasio is a hotspot for up-and-coming trainers as it's the home of the Pokemon Masters League tournament. The region is packed with budding competitors all vying for their spot in the limelight, so you're guaranteed to have plenty of challenging battles ahead of you.

What's the gameplay like?

All trainers travel with only one Pokemon, and the trainer and Pokemon together are known as a Sync Pair. Trainers have the ability to support their Pokemon with health boosts and other such buffs. In a neat twist, you have the option to buddy up with friendly Sync Pairs that you encounter around the Pasio region. Doing so will allow you to take command of the entire team in intense 3v3 battles against rival opponents.

Strangely, but also very intriguingly, Pokemon Master's battles play out in real time. Everything appears to be timer-based, including your movement gauge, so you'll have to be quick as well as smart with your decision-making. Similarly, attacks need to charged up before use, and, once ready, you can tap the screen to unleash explosive Sync Moves for bonus damage.

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Everyone is here!

Pokemon Champion's biggest draw, for me at least, is that, at launch, it'll feature almost every iconic character from the earlier Pokemon games, including rival trainers and gym leaders. There are set to be 65 Sync Pairs when the game launches this summer, and you can likely expect a whole lot more once the game's updates start rolling out.

The game's official site is now live, so you can head over there to see some all-new artwork and gameplay footage. This one's shaping up to be another megahit, with the Pokemon brand proving time and again to be one of the most lucrative in all of video game history. Look for Pokemon Masters on the App Store and Google Play this summer. We'll be sure to keep you in the know about any future updates, and you can expect a full review closer to launch.

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