Pokemon Go reveals content included in Part Two of the Wonder Ticket

Eevee and its evolutions return once again as Timed Research rewards

Pokemon Go reveals content included in Part Two of the Wonder Ticket
  • Three sets of Timed Research with offering encounters with Eevee and its evolutions
  • Tickets purchasable until June 1st; quests available until June 14th
  • Bonus Premium Passes on buying tickets from the web store

When Niantic released the World of Wonders season in Pokémon Go last month, they revealed a feature called the Wonder Ticket, which grants access to a tonne of exclusive missions and rewards. By now, most of you would have an idea of what to expect as Part Two of this adventure is just around the corner. This month, we say hello to the beloved Eevee and its enchanting evolutions.

With the Wonder Ticket in Pokémon Go, you'll unlock three sets of Timed Research, each offering Seasonally themed Pokémon encounters, premium items, and a brand-new avatar item. The cherry blossom–adorned Eevee and its Eevolutions await, alongside numerous other goodies like a Lucky Egg, Poffin, Incense, Star Piece, and more.

These challenges will obviously not be permanently available. You will have until June 14th to complete all the Timed Research tasks and claim your rewards. The ticket will be purchasable until June 1st for $9.99 or your local equivalent, so make sure you get your hands on one before time runs out.

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If you missed the first part, Wonder Ticket Part One featured Poipole, the Posin Pin Pokémon with the cool Poipole Helmet for avatars. Multiple other rewards were up for grabs as well. Get your ticket now and you’ll be able to reap part one’s rewards as well. Stay tuned for more details about Wonder Ticket Part Three, which will also be part of the same purchase.

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And that's not all — trainers who purchase the Wonder Ticket via the web store will receive two bonus Premium Battle Passes as a special bonus. Do note that these tickets are non-refundable and cannot be bought using PokéCoins.

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