Pikmin Bloom welcomes the spring season with a month long Easter Event

Pikmin Bloom welcomes the spring season with a month long Easter Event
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As we draw closer to easter, Niantic has just announced a spring event for their adorable AR-based game, Pikmin Bloom. The entirety of April will feature a two-part Easter Event with unique quests t complete and rewards to earn.

Part one of Pikmin Bloom’s Easter Event will begin at midnight on April 1st. It contains 25 missions which will grant two different types of Easter Egg Décor Pikmin on completion. Players will also be able to earn gold seedlings that will eventually become purple, white, winged, or rock.

Another thing to note is that the tasks will keep getting tougher as players progress through them. To help out, a number of limited event packs have been made available in the shop. They include valuable items that will make the journey simpler.

Then we move on to the second part of the event, which will be available between April 17th and 30th. This one will see players embrace their destructive side as they must destroy mushrooms in order to gain Easter eggs which are filled with random items like special flowers, gold seedlings, and huge seedlings.

Speaking of the gold and huge seedlings, those obtained during the Egg Hunt will become either red, yellow, or blue Easter Egg Décor Pikmin. The number of eggs earnt is not dependent on the stars scored, but on how many mushrooms were destroyed. So, smash away!

A total of seven mushroom battles are being created for this event. While there is no guarantee that all three Pikmin can be collected, players managing to complete all the quests will get all three types of Easter egg Décor Pikmin. Like the first part, these missions will also get tougher with progress.

Recharge tickets will ensure that all missions can be cleared in order to gain the Easter eggs.

Get ready for a task-filled April by downloading Pikmin Bloom now for free.

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