Pokémon Go's March Community Day will feature Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew

Pokémon Go's March Community Day will feature Sandshrew and Alolan Sandshrew
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With the summers kicking in and a brand new season beginning on Pokémon go, its time to reveal March’s Community Day Pokémon as well. Last month, we saw the cottonweed Pokémon Hoppip and its evolutions make their way to Pokémon Go. This month will feature the mouse Pokémon Sandshrew alongside its relative, the Alolan Sandsrew! Since the Season of Alola has just kicked off today, there’s no way Alolan Sandshrew would miss the opportunity of being featured as the Community Day Pokémon.

Pokémon Go’s March Community Day kicks off on March 13th between 11:00 am and 5:00 pm local time. While the two Sandshrew variants will appear more frequently in the wild, a few lucky trainers might also encounter their Shiny versions, so keep an eye out! There are lots of bonuses to look out for as well. Placing an egg in an incubator during event hours will reduce its hatch distance to 1/4th, Incense and Lure Modules will last three hours, and there are special rewards for taking snapshots during the event.

In case you already have a Sandshrew, there’s still reason to hunt for the Community Day special Pokémon because its evolution, Sandslash will learn the exclusive Charged Attack Night Slash if Sandshrew is evolved during or up to two hours after the event. It deals 50 damage in Trainer battles, Gyms, and Raids. On the other hand, Alolan Sandslash will know the Fast Attack Shadow Claw, which deals six damage in Trainer Battles and nine in Gyms and Raids.

Additionally, players can also gain access to the Community Day Special Research Story – Gritty and Glacial, for $1.00 USD or equivalent. The item shop will feature two event bundles as well. A one-time purchasable bundle including 30 Ultra Balls, three Super Incubators, five Lucky Eggs, 1 Elite Charged TM for 1,280 PokéCoins and a free bundle containing 30 Ultra Balls. There are stickers that can be found everywhere as well.

March is an absolutely action-packed month for fans. Download Pokémon Go now for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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