Pokemon Go releases a brand new addition to the roster; the colour changing chameleon Kecleon

Pokemon Go releases a brand new addition to the roster; the colour changing chameleon Kecleon
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The colour-changing chameleon Pokemon Kecleon is finally making its way to the extremely popular Pokemon Go. Not only is this exciting for fans of this particular Pokemon, but Pokemon Go players who have been hankering to collect their Platinum Hoenn Region badges can finally do so with this addition!

In case you somehow aren’t familiar, Pokemon Go is an alternate-reality game based on the Pokemon franchise that sees you walking in the real world from place to place, collecting various Pokemon, participating in community-driven raids, and doing battle against NPCs and other players alike all at once. It’s a massive success story, and the community still persists in a big way to this day despite the game being quite a few years old.

And despite that age as well, Niantic is intent on supplying a near-constant stream of events or new content. With the end of the most recent Community Day which was centred around Chespin, Kecleon has been added to the game and can now be found in various places around the world.

Kecleon also brings with it a unique way of having to find it. Rather than just simply appearing on the map like all the other Pokemon, Kecleon will have to be found within the photo discs that mark Pokestops. You’ll have to scour the preview image of the location for a slight shimmer, and if you can manage that, you’ll nab yourself a Kecleon!

It is made slightly easier by the fact that you will not be able to spin the Pokestop picture without catching Kecleon first if it is on that stop, so if you’re wondering why yours won’t spin, you’re probably one of the lucky ones!

If you’d like to go catch a Kecleon for yourself, you can download Pokemon Go for free at either of the links below!

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