Pokemon Go Fashion Week: 2023 returns with Dragonite, Wooper, Pikachu, and more

Pokemon Go Fashion Week: 2023 returns with Dragonite, Wooper, Pikachu, and more

Niantic recently announced the Community Day Classic event in Pokémon Go featuring Mareep. But before that goes live, trainers need to get ready for the classiest event of the year as the beloved Fashion Week makes its return. That’s right - it’s time to see some snazzy-looking Pokémon again as they don adorable new costumes for a few days.

Fashion Week 2023 will run from November 15th to 19th until 8:00 pm local time in Pokémon Go. Loads of favourites such as Pikachu, Diglett, Frillish, Croagunk, and a lot more will be seen wearing fashionable costumes. Some debutants putting new threads on for the first time are Dragonite, Wooper, and Quagsire. Some lucky trainers may also find a Shiny Gothita lurking about.

As it is with these events, several bonuses will be going live. Players will receive 2x Candy for catching Pokémon as well as a greater chance of receiving Candy XL for those above level 31. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, redeem these Pokémon Go promo codes for heaps of freebies!

The best way of catching themed Pokémon is through the event themed challenges like the Field Research tasks which offer encounters with costumed versions of Butterfree, Kirlia, Shinx, and Blitzle to name a few. A Collection Challenge will also be available, granting Dragonite wearing a fashionable costume, XP, and Stardust if everyone manages to beat the requirement.

If you're looking for something more exclusive, purchase the paid Timed Research for $2.00 or local equivalent. It includes a set of research tasks that reward encounters with several Pokémon wearing special outfits and two Premium Battle Passes on top of that.

Fashion Week would be incomplete without new fits for trainers, so make sure you head to the item store and get your hands on the Gothitelle Top, Pants, and Shoes, Reuniclus Top and Boots, Hooded Denim Jacket and Pants.

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