Pokemon Go reveals November Community Day Classic event featuring Mareep as well as upcoming Community Day events

Pokemon Go reveals November Community Day Classic event featuring Mareep as well as upcoming Community Day events

Pokémon Go’s November 2023 Community Day featuring Wooper and Paldean Wooper may have concluded, but the party doesn’t stop there. Niantic have just announced a second one, a Community Day Classic which is due to go live in a couple of weeks. It marks the return of Mareep, who was first featured way back in April 2018.

November’s Community Day Classic event featuring the Wool Pokémon will take place on the 25th, between 2:00 and 5:00 pm local time. Mareep will appear more frequently in the wild and players who manage to evolve the Pokémon by 7:00 pm will receive an Ampharos who knows the Charged Attack Dragon Pulse.

As always, several events bonuses will be active. Lure Modules and Incense will last three hours and Eggs placed in Incubators during the event will hatch in 1/4th distance. Don’t forget to take a few snapshots for another mystery gift. In addition, Field Research tasks will also be available, granting additional encounters with Mareep, Stardust, Great Balls, and other rewards.

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Some of the more exclusive goodies are behind a paywall, which can be accessed by purchasing a ticket for the Community Day Classic Special Research story. It costs a dollar or local equivalent and is one of the easiest ways to rake in loads of Mareep Candy.

A couple of event bundles will also go live if you're short on items. For 1,350 PokéCoins, trainers will receive 50 Ultra Balls, five Super Incubators, one Elite Charged TM, and five Lucky Eggs. The 480 PokéCoins giftbox includes 30 Ultra Balls, one Incense, three Super Incubators, and one Lure Module.

Meanwhile, Niantic also revealed the dates for the upcoming Pokémon Go Community Days, so be sure to add them to your calendars.

  • December 16th and 17th
  • January 6th
  • January 20th (Community Day Classic)
  • February 4th

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