Pokemon Go is bringing creepy crawlies back with the Bug Out! event featuring Grubbin and Mega Scizor

Pokemon Go is bringing creepy crawlies back with the Bug Out! event featuring Grubbin and Mega Scizor
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Niantic has quite a lot planned for trainers this month in Pokémon Go. The location-based game’s August calendar is full of raids featuring Legendary Pokémon, Galarian Zigzagoon as the Community Pokémon, and the Sapporo leg of the Pokémon Go Fest that kicks off tomorrow. Another event is launching next week and it's going to feature a lot of creepy crawlies so stay alert in case you don’t like them.

On August 10th, the Bug Out! event will go live. It will remain active until August 16th and will feature a large number of bug-type Pokémon like Caterpie and Ledyba. Bugs Out also sees the debut of Grubbin, the Larva Pokémon and its evolutions – Charjabug, and Vikavolt. For the first stage of evolution 25 Grubbin Candy is required while the second needs 100 alongside an active Magnetic Lure Module.

Mega Raids aren’t something to miss out on either. Mega Scizor will be found in these raids during the event, with lucky players being able to get their hands on a Shiny version. The other raids will feature bug-type Pokémon as well, with the Legendary Paleozoic Pokémon, Genesect available in five-star raids. Like always, the wilds will have a larger number of event Pokémon with Field Research tasks to complete.

Catching these Pokémon has been made extra rewarding as well as trainers completing the bug-tastic Collection Challenge will receive the Bug Catcher Pose and 15,000 XP. Working in teams will further grant bonuses as three or more players raiding together will trigger the appearance of a bug-type Pokémon around them. Finally, as an event bonus, everyone will earn 2x XP for Nice, Great, and Excellent Throws.

Don’t forget that Sapporo’s in-person Pokémon Go Fest event begins tomorrow and will feature Global Challenges that will open Ultra Unlocks for Bug Out! so be sure to complete them.

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