Pokemon Go's April Fool's event offers some 'Excellent' rewards for real

All 'nice' and better throws register as excellent and there's some extra events taking place as well

Pokemon Go's April Fool's event offers some 'Excellent' rewards for real
  • Pokemon Go's April Fool's Day event is actually very real
  • From 12 in the morning to 11:59 at night, local time, all your throws are excellent
  • There's also field research task encounters and timed research to be completed

April Fool's Day, once a celebration of pranks and humour, is now a day in the gaming industry when people announce things we wish were actually real. Fortunately, Pokemon Go has at least bucked the trend somewhat with their latest update. Because from 12:00am to 11:59pm, all your throws - from 'nice' to better - will end up as Excellent throws instead!

Yes, stop the presses, call out the National Guard- We josh, but that's not all... According to the official Pokemon Go blog, there are also exclusive Field Research task encounters and Timed Research to be completed. So it's not just a minor bonus to your fieldwork that you're getting.

Joke's on you

Yes, while April Fool's Day is usually a time of the year when you have to be careful that you aren't pranked, punked or otherwise fooled, it seems Pokemon Go is bucking the trend. However, for many, it seems to have been a bit of a step down from more interesting escapades in the past. In 2018 for example, there was an 8-bit graphics mode mimicking the style of the original games that was available for a limited time.

So, with regards to that, it seems a bit of a step down to just have a random bonus applied to throws and some other miscellaneous additions. 

Still, if you're laying low during April Fool's Day in order to avoid falling for any pranks, you can always check out our curated lists to find something to play that'll pass the time. Why not check out our list of the top 5 new mobile games to play this week, for example?

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Iwan Morris
Iwan Morris
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