Pokemon Go will showcase special Timed Research codes during the 2023 Pokemon World Championship livestream

Pokemon Go will showcase special Timed Research codes during the 2023 Pokemon World Championship livestream

Yesterday, Niantic announced that they would be hosting a number of themed events in Pokémon Go to celebrate the upcoming 2023 Pokémon World Championships. The AR game is set to feature several activities between August 11th and 13th, but players can get their hands on more by tuning into the Pokémon Go Twitch livestream where various Timed Research codes will be displayed.

That’s a lot of rewards to earn over the span of a few days. There are festivities that will take place in the game as well as in Yokohama, allowing trainers to fill up their goodie bags to the brim. The Timed Researches are the cherry on top which offer exclusive rewards for watching at least 30 minutes of the Pokémon Go livestream on Twitch.

Each day offers a different reward and players will have to complete a few quests in order to earn it. On the first day, the code will unlock a Timed Research that focuses on battling basics. Players will have the option of choosing between one of three teams to encounter. These include Skarmory, Vigoroth and Swampert, or Trevenant, Noctowl and Lanturn, or Azumarill, Umbreon and Mandibuzz.

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Day two’s challenge is in honour of the 2022 Pokémon Go Master Division’s World Champion, DancingRob. Completing it will reward players with Galarian Stunfisk, which is what led to him winning in the first place. Additional prizes for both quests also include an Elite Charged TM, 8,000 Stardust, a Premium Battle Pass, and a Star Piece.

The only question that remains is how to get access to these quests. When the livestream goes live, a giveaway panel will become available before the stream. Players must enter their Twitch ID there to begin the clock. Do note that being cheeky will not help because minimizing the browser will just pause the timer. Once 30 minutes are up, a code will be displayed on the screen, which can then be redeemed.

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