Wild West-themed mini-game collection Plushed Gold Fever coming to iPhone

Soft and hard

Wild West-themed mini-game collection Plushed Gold Fever coming to iPhone
| Plushed Gold Fever

Best known for iOS fairytale platformer Plushed - released when he was a student - Johannes Seidel has now graduated and staffed up his company Blacksmith Games into a 'proper' studio.

And the first game to be created by the team is due out next week.

Plushed Gold Fever uses a similar art style to the original, but mixes up gameplay with three different experiences, although throughout you're collecting gold and the plush toys that have been scattered through various mine shafts.

Three ways to play

The Gold Cart mini-game sees you in a cart that you control either by swiping down to duck and avoid obstacles, or swiping up to hop and collect gold coins and plush toys

Gold Smasher is a Match-3 game, while Gold Grabber has you tapping the screen at the right time to fire your claw and grab objects.

In all cases, the coins you collect are used to buy items such as dynamite and other power ups. You can also purchase coins with real money as in-app purchases.

There are three playable characters, over 30 plush toys to collect and 70 achievements which, like the leaderboards, are handled via Game Center.

Plushed Gold Fever should be released for iPhone sometime next week.

You can get an idea how it plays in the following video.

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