Play Together is bringing in 2023 with loads of fireworks and events

Play Together is bringing in 2023 with loads of fireworks and events
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We’re just a few days away from the new year and Haegin has just begun preparations for it on Play Together. The casual social network game on mobile is ready to say goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023 as the new year’s countdown has begun.

Currently, Play Together’s Kaia Island is completely covered in snow as it is celebrating the holidays with loads of winter events and activities. We already had a Christmas party and now it’s time to prepare for the new year. No matter where in the world your friends are, different cities, countries, or even continents, it will not matter because everyone can be virtually together.

When the winter update launched and the island was decorated for Christmas, everything felt cosy and there were snowmen, Christmas trees, and carnivals all around. Now, as we prepare for 2023’s arrival, a special fireworks celebration is being organised to ring in the new year.

Every festival brings with it loads of NPCs to interact with and this time around, players can find Haru who has made a surprise appearance at the Plaza with a bunch of New Year-themed items. Players will also be tasked with a treasure hunt, that sends them on a journey to collect alphabet-shaped balloons that have been scattered throughout Kaia.

In addition to this, the Ice Kingdom event will go live on the Camping Ground, giving players access to exclusive items that are available only during the winter. By interacting with the three NPCs on the ground and completing the challenges they grant, everyone will find Snowflake boxes in the frozen lake that contain Coins required for these goodies.

Another NPC, Mr. Slide, brings a fun way to travel around Kaia. By paying him, players will be able to ride the Skeleton which will allow them to traverse easily across the island blanketed by snow. Don’t forget to catch the music festival with your friends too!

Download Play Together now and bring in 2023 with your buddies.

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