The popular IP BT21 is coming to the LINE FRIENDS’ virtual store in Play Together

The popular IP BT21 is coming to the LINE FRIENDS’ virtual store in Play Together
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HAEGIN’S mobile casual social game Play Together is set to feature the BT21 theme in its first-ever LINE FRIENDS’ virtual store. We first saw BROWN & FRIENDS and now HAEGIN has moved on to its insanely popular character IP BT21 to give a fresh new look to the LINE FRIENDS’ virtual store present in the interactive game.

This store is present in the Plaza area of Kaia Island, which is the main stage of Play Together. Like any other physical store, even at the LINE FRIENDS’ virtual store, you can find BT21 themed in-game merchandise. These items include a lot of cool stuff like pyjama style costumes, BT21 themed cushions, umbrellas, furniture, stickers, and so much more.

The concert stage has also been completely revamped to seem more BT21-esque. Players can go with their friends and take screenshots here and in the virtual photo zone. It's going to be a complete party for you and your friends from all over the world. Today, collaborations are incomplete without events to go with them. To celebrate the BT21 theme at the LINE FRIENDS’ virtual store in Play Together, a special event will be held, details for which will be announced on Play Together’s official Facebook page.

BT21 is not going to be the only IP featured in Play Together. Another popular IP – TRUZ, is set to feature in the game along with BROWN & FRIENDS and BT21 with digital items and in-game content. HAEGIN has also said that this is just the beginning of their IP collaborations with LINE FRIENDS to increase their outreach in the global metaverse market.

Enjoy your own slumber party in BT21 themed pyjamas with your friends by downloading Play Together for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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