Phantom Blade: Executioners is releasing on all major platforms next week

Phantom Blade: Executioners is releasing on all major platforms next week

With each passing day, we get closer to the release of S-Game’s upcoming dark fantasy ARPG, Phantom Blade: Executioners. From ancient clans battling for martial arts supremacy, and prohibited body transmutation techniques, to monsters powered by steampunk machines, players can expect it all when the game releases on all major platforms next week.

Phantom Blade: Executioner transports players to a mystical world where they will be part of several unique tales of love, hatred, and enmity between clans, secret societies, and dark occult factions. The overarching narrative deals with intrigue, politics, and conspiracies. Players will learn of the Order’s relationships with other factions as they learn the backstory of all four heroes in-game.

A forbidden practice called the Sha-Chi body-engineering technique has somehow come into use again and it is up to players to put an end to all the massacres it has caused. Using special Wuxia skills bestowed upon the protagonists, players must find these metamorphosed villains and defeat them with exquisite combos.

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Gameplay will happen at a rapid pace with an in-depth combo system in place. Basic attacks require just the push of a button, but the more complex ones occur only with the perfect combination of control speed, positioning, and creativity. There are three different class types for each hero and they all feature distinctive techniques in the offensive and defensive sphere.

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This is just the beginning of the Phantom Blade series. It will be followed by Phantom Blade Zero, which was a part of the last PlayStation Showcase. Executioner is sort of a prequel to Zero, as it will familiarize players with the world and Soul’s backstory, who is set to be the protagonist of the upcoming game.

Phantom Blade: Executioner will release on November 2nd. Pre-register for the game by clicking on your preferred link below.

Tanish Botadkar
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