Arena Breakout's Season 2: Battle for the Port is now available

Arena Breakout's Season 2: Battle for the Port is now available

After over two months of waiting, MoreFun Studios has finally released Arena Breakout’s latest update which brings Season 2: The Port to the wildly popular tactical FPS. With a brand new map, game mode, plenty of weapons and Halloween events, it’s about to be a breathtaking season.

Arena Breakout’s Season 2 transports players to a new map, called The Port. This once-busy city was left abandoned after the Kamona civil conflict and it is now a zone of urban warfare. From high rooftops to underground passageways, Guoyapos Bay City has it all.

To make things even more challenging, the new Storm Warning mode heavily obstructs vision with rainstorms and brings fog that muddles all incoming vision and audio. Players will have to smartly figure out how to get out of this mess. Of course, there’s some help in the form of new weapons like the AN94, AEK and ACE31 assault rifles, the auto DP12 shotgun and the M300 revolver.

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The update also raises the stakes with a new boss, Derwin Pan, the ruthless former commander of the Kamona Navy. It is believed that he caused the death of the Admiral Chief of Navy Operations by maliciously tampering with the Kamona warship named the King.

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Derwin was captain during his service aboard the King and was known for keeping his forces prepared. He usually travels with two to three bodyguards, all of whom are packing a deadly arsenal of weapons. Players have been given the difficult task of eliminating Pan and all his fellow defectors at sight.

Meanwhile, the game is also gearing up for a spooky Halloween with lots of themed goodies, jack-o-lantern skins for weapons and gear, and the powerful Halloween Sickle. These items won’t be available permanently and will leave the event store on November 19th.

Download and play Season 2 of Arena Breakout using your preferred link below.

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