Sponsored feature: Stay rock steady with Perfect Balance on iPhone

Pick up one of ttursas Ltd’s mind-bending stack-‘em-ups

Sponsored feature: Stay rock steady with Perfect Balance on iPhone

We’re constantly reminded of the importance of balance. Eat a balanced diet, be balanced with your alcohol intake, try and balance your work with your family life. All sound advice, but perfect balance is always easier said than done.

Take the two iPhone games from ttursas Ltd - Perfect Balance: Harmony and its sequel Perfect Balance: Inferno. On paper, each involves the simple task of stacking a series of objects in such a way that they become self-supporting.

Sounds simple, right?

Well, the mechanics certainly are, with an intuitive touch-and-drag control system (with a second touch of the screen rotating the object at hand) and a crystal clear level structure. But, as with all of the best puzzlers, this simple premise leads to an increasingly fiendish set of tasks.

You’ll soon be required to build precarious bridging structures, and to support tricky circular objects that need wedging in place.

The original title, Harmony, is a great way to ease your way into Perfect Balance’s way of thinking, with an easy learning curve and simple presentation. For the more advanced player, however, Inferno lives up to its name by presenting a slightly hotter challenge. It packs in more features and a stylish industrial graphical style, too.

If you're undecided, why not try out the free Lite versions of each title? They give you an excellent taste of what's on offer in the full games.

Whether you choose Harmony or Inferno, though, one thing’s for certain: any balance you had between work and play will be severely disrupted.

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